A Crossover Health location (photo courtesy Crossover Health)

A Crossover Health location (photo courtesy Crossover Health)

By  Jonah Comstock 02:46 pm April 14, 2021
Sherpaa founder Jay Parkinson has left Crossover Health after two years.
Person texting on their phone

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By  Mallory Hackett 02:28 pm April 14, 2021
Cara provides real-time answers and support for people who might have concerns while taking the abortion pill at home.
Omada MSK program

(Photo credit: Omada) 

By  Laura Lovett 12:15 pm April 14, 2021
The new tool will provide computer vision technology to help PTs gauge patient function. 
Omada app

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By  Laura Lovett 12:12 pm April 14, 2021
The company says the new system will improve patient convenience and cut payer costs. 
By  Mallory Hackett 10:46 am April 14, 2021
The social media giant will begin notifying its users when they become eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine in their state.    
European Space Agency

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By  Sara Mageit 05:40 am April 14, 2021
The multi-million pound initiative will invite leading innovators to design the hospital.
business people in a meeting

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By  Mallory Hackett 03:02 pm April 13, 2021
The prospect of companies hitting the public markets before they’re fully prepared creates the possibility for failure, according to Rock Health.  
Piggy bank

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By  Laura Lovett 12:08 pm April 13, 2021
The company plans to use the funds to grow its staff and expand its product line. 
Papa Pal playing chess with woman

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By  Mallory Hackett 10:29 am April 13, 2021
Papa got its start in 2017 by matching young adults, called Papa Pals, with seniors to provide assistance and companionship.  
Robotics, cardiology, Moray Medical

Moray Medical founders: Mark Barrish and Phillip Laby

By  Sara Mageit 06:14 am April 13, 2021
The company will use the funding to develop remote user interaction for structural heart interventions.