Lumeon makes deal with Mayo Clinic, AMSYS acquires HealthConnexx and other digital health deals

Also: EYE-SYNC inks deal with Symmetry Physical Therapy of Austin and Medtronic acquires Digital Surgery.
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03:11 pm

Lumeon, a digital health startup that employs automation to help with operational functions, has inked a deal with the Mayo Clinic. As part of the deal, the Mayo Clinic’s library of clinical insights will be integrated into Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management Platform. 

“Mayo Clinic is not only one of the most prestigious health systems in the world, but they have also been an early adopter of digital online content, making it available to the public and in-house through digital websites and applications,” Robbie Hughes, CEO at Lumeon, said in a statement. “At Lumeon, we believe health systems now have a unique opportunity to activate this digital content as part of an automated care journey, personalized for different patients’ needs and preferences. This takes the weight off their care teams, and ensures patients are informed, educated and on target with their care goals and activities.”

This morning, medication adherence company emocha announced that it is teaming up with health system LifeBridge Health to bring Directly Observed Therapy to pediatric asthma patients. Patients will be able to use an app to show themselves on video using their inhalers; emocha’s team can then review the video and offer feedback, such as the best way to use their inhaler. 

“We know that preventable asthma hospitalizations and ER visits are directly tied to non-adherence and poor inhaler technique,” Sebastian Seiguer, CEO of emocha, said in a statement. "emocha's video DOT solution helps patients and caregivers manage pediatric asthma and offers both partners in care a high-touch, high-engagement tool to improve outcomes.”

This morning, VR-enabled brain health platform EYE-SYNC announced a partnership with Symmetry Physical Therapy of Austin, Texas, and Concussion Management of New York. As a part of this deal, the provider organizations will offer the EYE-SYNC technology to treat their concussion patients. The tool is able to screen, assess and provide a therapeutic VR treatment. 

“We’re very excited to have added the EYE-SYNC technology to our clinic. We are now able to identify eye movement issues that are related to a variety of mechanical head, neck, jaw and spine dysfunctions that we see regularly with our patients. We can utilize this information to add another level of care – providing activities that enable our patients to better synchronize their vision, balance systems, and postural muscles so that they can move more efficiently throughout their daily life,” said Symmetry Physical Therapy owner Julie Mankinen. “In addition to being a unique visual training tool, the EYE-SYNC technology gives us great feedback about how patients are responding to all of their prescribed therapy activities. We’re seeing significant change in visual response within individual treatment sessions at times, as well as over the course of more extended therapy.”

On Friday, AMSYS Group announced its plans to acquire HealthConnexx. AMSYS is a Texan company that invests in tech, healthcare, capital, blockchain, energy, engineering and construction. HealthConnexx’s main function is a data exchange of medications and benefits data. It connects patients, payers, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies. 

 “Given our fractured healthcare system, this creates  frustration and is next to impossible for many providers to control today.  HealthConnexx alone has access to a real-time data-as-a-service platform with meaningful insights, and that’s why our solution is unique,” M. Todd Hardman, founder and CEO of HealthConnexx, said in statement.  “Workflow doesn’t save lives, actionable information does. The RxConnexx platform provides the industry with a trusted, use case specific data exchange service for real-time access to medication history and adherence information that’s essential to lower costs and enable desired outcomes in the emerging value-based care system."

U.S. medical technology provider Medtronic announced the acquisition of Digital Surgery, a UK-based company specializing in surgical AI and digital education and training. The purchase integrates Digital Surgery into Medtronic’s Surgical Robotics business, a subset of its Minimally Invasive Therapies Group.

In statements provided both by Medtronic and Digital Surgery, there was an emphasis on their shared ambition for patient safety and surgical training, facilitated through advancements in AI.


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