Masimo releases continuous temperature monitoring wearable

The tech can connect to a smartphone app and give alerts and notifications.
By Laura Lovett
03:07 pm

Medtech company Masimo announced today that it is launching the Radius T Continuous Thermometer, a connected sensor system that can take a patient’s temperature over time in lieu of the manual process, for consumers. 

The tool is able to send temperature readings and also warning alerts if there is a spike to a corresponding app. Users can customize the alerts and notifications functions. The app is able to present both real-time temperature values and trends data. 

As part of the system, a small sensor is applied to the users’ skin. The tool then uses an algorithm to give an approximate oral temperature. According to the company, the sensor can be worn for up to eight days and is water resistant.

The system is not yet FDA 5109(k) cleared, however it is able to go onto the market because of the FDA’s Enforcement Policy for electric thermometers as a result of COVID-19. The system was previously avilable for health systems and patient remote monitoring. 


The company is pitching this technology as a way to avoid manually checking a patient’s temperature. 

During the coronavirus pandemic hospitals worked on preventing exposure for their healthcare workers. Due to this, we saw an uptick in remote care monitoring tools being put into play. Temperature is also an indicator of COVID-19, as a Fever is one of the most common symptoms the condition.


Connected thermometers have been on the rise for some time. Kinsa is one of the big names in the field. In 2018 the company scored FDA clearance for its wireless connected thermometer. The company’s data has been able to help map the flu in the past. 

In 2017, VivaLnk landed FDA clearance for its peel-and-stick continuous thermometer, named Fever Scout, for children. In January, the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center announced that it was using VivaLnk’s continuous sensor to monitor COVID-19 patients. 

This wasn’t the only product being used to help address the virus. Taiwan-based iWEECARE announced that its flagship product, Temp Pal, was used to help combat COVID-19 spread in hospitals and among those self-quarantining in Taiwan and in Nanjing, China.





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