mHealth News ending its run

From the mHealthNews archive
By Gus Venditto
12:11 pm

When we launched mHealthNews in July 2013, Fitbit Flex was just a few weeks old and rumors were swirling that Apple might follow with its own wearable.

Two and a half years later, mobile health has far surpassed the simple heart rate monitor stage. Today's news involves startups working on precision medicine and large pharmaceutical companies using apps to track cancer treatments.

The future for mobile health is brighter than ever, and that's one of the reasons that HIMSS Media acquired MobiHealthNews earlier this year. The site, now in its eighth year, has become the leading source for insights about mobile and digital health overall. And as a member of the HIMSS Media family that includes Healthcare IT News and Healthcare Finance, MobiHealthNews is growing and already planning new ways to serve its audience.

Faced with the choice of maintaining two sources of news in the field, we've decided to focus our resources on building MobiHealthNews and we will cease publishing mHealthNews.

Starting December 15, mHealthNews subscribers will be offered the MobiHealthNews daily newsletter. The change won't affect many – most mHealth News subscribers are already signed up for the MobiHealthNews daily.

In a few weeks, the articles that were published at mHealth News will move to an archive on the MobiHealthNews website.

We believe the change will serve mHealth News readers with an improved experience. The MobiHealthNews staff of reporters is larger and is able to cover more of this exciting field -- and with its new website design we are confident that we've provided a strong product all around.


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