New telemedicine platforms focus on one-stop shopping

From the mHealthNews archive
By Eric Wicklund

A telemedicine startup spun out of Cisco two years ago is bucking the "best of breed" strategy.

Avizia Telehealth proposes to combine all the elements of a telemedicine solution into one package, offering an end-to-end platform that links software, carts and peripherals into a healthcare provider's EHRs and back-end systems. 

"Normally a bunch of vendors will approach an IT department and throw a bunch of things over the fence expecting them to put it together," Mike Baird, CEO of Avizia, a Reston, Va.-based company, told mHealth News. "That's not what (healthcare providers) want any more."

Similar to the approach used by the likes of Carena and Honeywell, which offer managed telemedicine solutions for providers, Avizia is targeting an industry beset with niche vendors and legacy products by offering a platform that takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of the hands of the c-suite. The idea is that providers have enough on their hands with EHR implementations, the ICD-10 conversion and payment reform so they would welcome a telemedicine platform that's customized for their needs.

"We're evolving away from the world of telemedicine pilots and toward enterprise telemedicine," Baird said. "It's not about the pilot any more. It's about setting something up that they can scale across the network."

He also noted that Avizia Telehealth is designed to integrate with telemedicine solutions already in place.

"A lot of hospitals have already made big investments in telemedicine in the past," he said. "The vast majority of these things will work on our platform. They're basically all sitting on the same software in the background that we call workflow."