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61 health tech companies report 2018 revenues, feature on Inc. 5,000 list

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If the recent trend of IPOs keeps up, more and more digital companies will have their revenue numbers out in the open. But in the meantime, for private companies, we have to take those numbers where we can find them, which is why each year MobiHealthNews parses Inc. Magazine's Inc. 5,000 list of fastest growing companies in America, calling out the digital health and health tech companies that made the list. We found more companies than ever on this year's list, some more familiar than others.

We make an exception to our usual policy on covering awards and honors for this list because it’s based on hard data, albeit self-reported. Inc. ranks the companies by the percent change of annual revenue in a three-year period. This allows small companies to compete with larger ones, but it also means it can be hard for a company to hold onto its spot on the list, since companies often have big growth early on that levels out as they become established. 

Most importantly, it means we get an inside peek at the 2018 revenues of these companies, most of which are private and don't normally share that data.

We found 61 companies that we judged to be in the digital health or health IT space, listed below in the order they appear on the list. Check the list out, and then compare it to our 201720162015, and 2014 revenue lists.

59. Progyny. 2018 revenue: $156 million. Progyny, a digital health company focused on in vitro fertilization and fertility, is on the list for the second time with a 6,900% three-year growth. Back in 2016, the company launched an app designed to deliver a comprehensive “shopping” experience for consumers seeking fertility services like in vitro fertilization, egg freezing and doctor consultation. Site.

125. PatientPop. 2018 revenue: $38.8 million. Santa Monica, California-based PatientPop offers doctors a digital marketing service to grow their practice. Alongside analytics services and online review management, the company offers appointment booking features so that patients will be able to schedule appointments, as well as integrations with major EHR and practice management platforms. The company has grown 2,782% in the last three years, and raised $25 million in funding last November. Site.

132. Centauri Health Solutions. 2018 revenue: $84.8 million. Centauri Health Solutions is a revenue management analytics firm that focuses on population health and other factors for health plan and provider clients. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company reported a three-year growth of 2,694%, and notes on its website that its hospital platform manages nearly $3 billion in annual charges. Site.  

189. MyHealth. 2018 revenue: $2.7 million. MyHealth offers a platform that streamlines the exchange of electronic health information between healthcare staff. Additionally, the company has a patient-facing app that allows easy viewing of their records in real time. The company reported 2,116% growth over the last three years. Site.

212. Noom. 2018 revenue: $61.1 million. Noom’s platform is focused on creating behavioral health changes related to weight loss, fitness and certain chronic health conditions. Its signature mobile product is called the Noom Weight Loss Coach, in which users are paired with a dedicated human health coach based on their lifestyle and preferences. The startup is also employing AI to help personalize the experience for its users. The company raised $58 million just a few months ago, and has grown 1,938% between 2016 and 2018. Site

279. CheckedUp. 2018 revenue: $5.2 million. Point-of-care engagement platform Checkedup looks to educate patients and improve their dialogues with care providers. The service earned a place on last year's list as well, and in the last three years has seen 1,568% growth. Site.

289. 2018 revenue: $97.4 million. A repeat placeholder on the Inc. 5,000 list, provides an online marketplace for pharma companies and other researchers to outsource tests and operations, allowing easy access to specialized lab tools. It has grown 1,522% over the last three years and boasts clients like AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and the National Institutes of Health. Site.

300. Alivi. 2018 revenue: $14.1 million. Alivi develops a broad range of technologies that help manage benefit plans, non-emergency medical transportation, provider networks and other services. The Florida-based company was founded in 2012, and reported a three-year growth of 1,496%. Site

375. First Stop Health. 2018 revenue: $4 million. First Stop Health is a nationwide provider of telemedicine care for consumers and employers. Through a subscription service, customers have access to the company's network of physicians, which can be accessed 24-7 over the phone and online. It makes its return to the list after reporting 1,226% three-year growth. Site.

502. Lemonaid Health. 2018 revenue: $4.7 million. Lemonaid Health offers telemedicine care and monthly medicine deliveries directly to consumers. Its app has a heavy emphasis on being easy to use, and includes counseling and lab test support alongside care for common ailments. It raised $11 million in Series A funding back in 2017, and reports 868% three-year growth. Site. 

511. Admera Health. 2018 revenue: $16.2 million. Admera Health develops a swath of diagnostic and disease profiling tests. After providing a sample that is shipped to the company, Admera sequences the individual's sample and provides a digital genetic report of its findings. The company has grown 855% over the last three years. Site.

583. 2018 revenue: $45.5 million. Health insurance search engine posted 759% three-year growth for what is now its fourth year on the list. The service allows users to compare the coverage and cost of competing plans, whether they be private coverage or offered under Medicare. Site

799. Health Recovery Solutions. 2018 revenue: $6.3 million. Health Recovery Solutions has grown 538% over the last three years. The company's product, PatientConnect, helps providers prevent costly patient readmissions by engaging them with a tablet-based program. The hospital provides patients with a cellular-enabled Samsung tablet, with PatientConnect preloaded. Providers pay Health Recovery Solutions a licensing fee for the package. Site

888. MDsave. 2018 revenue: $21.3 million. MDSave's medical price transparency tool returns to the list with 477% growth over the last three years. Along with browsing local procedure prices, the site allows users to pay for the procedure in advance without the expectation of follow-up billing. Site

889. Skynet Healthcare Technologies. 2018 revenue: $4.7 million. Florida-based Skynet Healthcare Technologies looks to provide real-time tracking and emergency call capabilities to at-risk seniors. Paired with a bracelet wearable, the company's platform helps care communities monitor their residents' safety and view analytics regarding their activity. Skynet grew 477% over the last three years. Site.

906. Health Union. 2018 revenue: $29.6 million. Health Union manages a network of online communities for patients and others who have been affected by chronic disease to communicate. The company reports 469% growth in the last three years, and claims that its sites, social media pages and emails reach 11 million people monthly. Site.

914. EngagedIN. 2018 revenue: $2.2 million. A design firm specializing in scalable behavior change interventions, engagedIN claims to take a neuroscience-based approach to its design work so as to maximize the effect of the client's intervention. The California-based company counts only eight employees, but returns to the list with 465% growth in the past three years. Site.

1185. EyeKor. 2018 revenues: $5.6 million. An imaging management and analysis service provider for ophthalmic studies, EyeKor's Excelsior platform allows those conducting a trial to more easily share data and images. The data management system maker is making its second appearance on the list, having grown 350% during the past three years. Site.

1192. AMMD. 2018 revenue: $12.1 million. AMMD, short for Amy Myers MD, is an online purveyor of branded supplements. Alongside a range of mail-order nutrition regiment, the company offers digital content and ebooks for diet support and other wellness topics. Site.

1288. Tellus. 2018 revenue: $2.1 million. Florida-based Tellus builds cloud-based software for mobile care delivery, electronic visit verification, and claims processing. Its products are designed for and sold to home health agencies, managed care organizations, and state agencies. Tellus was founded in 2014, and reports 319% growth over the past three years. Site

1299. Crystal Clear Digital Marketing. 2018 revenue: $5.7 million. Crystal Clear provides consultation and digital marketing services for medical practices in the form of “Patient Relationship Management” software. The company has grown 317% over the last three years, whereas last year it boasted 2,100% three-year growth. Site.

1341. eAssist Dental Solutions. 2018 revenue: $16.8 million. An electronic billing service for dental practices, eAssist Dental Solutions' product assists with claims submission and denial investigation while providing daily progress reports and other management features. The company returns to this year's list reporting 308% growth over the past three years. Site.

1372. NovuHealth. 2018 revenue: $44.4 million. NovuHealth's healthcare consumer engagement strategy leans heavily on performance analytics, behavior science, and implementation of an analytics technology platform. Working with public and private health plans alike, NovuHealth helps design personalized programs to improve plan members' health. The Minneapolis-based company has grown 301% in the last three years, earning it yet another feature on Inc.'s list. Site

1406. Medical Guardian. 2018 revenue: $46.4 million. Based in Philadelphia, Medical Guardian provides medical alert devices to seniors around the US. The alert system allows seniors to immediately notify an emergency medical operator, who can coordinate emergency services if necessary. The company reports 293% growth over the last three years — a sizeable bump over last year's 156%. Site.

1458. MedBridge. 2018 revenue: $16.2 million. Seattle-based continuing education provider MedBridge offers more than accredited online video courses for health care professionals in need of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). In addition, the company also offers customizable home exercise programs that patients can view through a mobile app, helping it achieve 284% three-year growth. Site

1533. Veyo. 2018 revenue: $182.6 million. Veyo provides a non-emergency medical transportation network via an end-to-end platform for payers and their members. The tool allows organizers to book rides and analyze trends through a real-time dashboard, while members and providers can monitor their rides through a mobile app. Active in seven states, the company grew 270% since the start of 2015. Site

1807. Lightbeam Health. 2018 revenue: $21 million. Lightbeam's end-to-end population management tool helps payers, ACOs, health systems, and other organizations aggregates clinical and claims data. Doing so allows the vendor-neutral, cloud-based platform to predict potential high-cost patients while identifying other areas within the system ripe for cost reduction. In the past three years, the Irving, Texas-based company has grown 226% and earns yet another spot on the Inc. 5,000 list. Site

1830. Orangetheory Fitness. 2018 revenue: $179.6 million. Orangetheory Fitness provides strength and cardio fitness classes to members. Of note, members attending a group class are outfitted with wearable heart rate sensors that are displayed throughout the session so that attendees and instructors can monitor their workouts. The company was founded in 2009 but has grown 224% over the last three years alone. Site

1864. Welltok2018 revenue: $83 million. Denver, Colorado-based health management company Welltok, which makes the CafeWell health engagement platform, grew 217% over the last three years and is now entering an impressive fifth year being featured on the list. Site.

1995. Teleradiology Specialists. 2018 revenue: $25.2 million. This Phoenix, Arizona company lives up to its name, interpreting radiology results quickly and remotely for clinicians. The company grew 201% over the last three years. Site.

2005. Rethink Autism. 2018 revenue: $18.5 million. Rethink Autism develops cloud-based tools, educational training and clinical support designed specifically for those with developmental disabilities and their caregivers. These digital products can be accessed on any device, and help the company achieve 200% growth within the past three years. Site

2221. MDScripts. 2018 revenue: $6.1 million. Clinical dispensing software maker MDScripts is making its second appearance on the list, this time boasting 181% three-year growth (nearly twice what it reported last year). The company also provides support for pharmaceutical billing and data reporting, and integrates with EHRs. Site

2289. Azalea Health Innovations. 2018 revenue: $14.1 million. Atlanta-based Azalea Health, a health IT software firm focused on rural practices and mobile tools that acquired Houston-based EHR company Prognosis Innovation Healthcare in late 2017, posted 176% three-year growth to make a reappearance on this year’s list. Site.

2301. Health Catalyst. 2018 revenue: $112.6 million. Salt Lake City health data warehouse Health Catalyst made a splash earlier this year with its fairly successful IPO. The company grew 175% percent over the last three years, and is celebrating its seventh year running on the list. Site.

2389. Symplr. 2018 revenue: $63.1 million. A software maker serving healthcare organizations, symplr's flagship compliance and credentialing product helps organizations mitigate risk and meet regulatory requirements, with additional services such as vendor sales representation and revenue cycle management. The company grew 167 percent in the last three years to earn it yet another spot on the list. Site.

2421. On Target Health. 2018 revenue: $2.1 million. On Target Health is a weight loss program that takes a user's BMI, metabolism and other factors into consideration and pairs them with a weight loss coach. It pitches itself as a holistic weight loss platform. It grew by 165% over the last three years. Site.  

2577. Med Tech Solutions. 2018 revenue: $16 million. The startup works with providers and payer organizations to offer end-to-end IT products and cloud services. The Valencia, California company grew by 152% in the last three years. Site.

2763. Vitalware. 2018 revenue: $14 million. This SaaS provider supports providers in their documentation, coding, billing and auditing needs. It grew 137% over the last three years. Site.

2828. 2018 revenue: $35.4 million. The Burlington, Massachusetts-based startup focuses on helping providers gain insights into value-based performance. It also enables providers to keep track of quality improvement, care management, cost utilization management and risk adjustments. In the last three years it grew by 133%. Site.

2844. HHAeXchange. 2018 revenue: $25 million .HHAeXchange, a provider of home care management software for the Medicaid population, grew by 132% in the last three years. Site. 

2967. Sleep Quest. 2018 revenue: $12.6 million. Founded in 1993, as the name suggest, the company focuses on providing services to help users sleep better. With a focus on sleep apnea, its services include home testing supplies and CPAP treatment. It has grown by 126% in the last three years. Site. 

3089. StateServ-Hospicelink. 2018 revenue: $205.5 million. This SaaS company helps coordinate and bill for medical equipment for hospice care. Founded in 2004, the company reported a 120% growth over the last three years. Site.

3072. Competitive Health. 2018 revenue: $4.8 million. Competitive Health provides healthcare networks, health savings cards, and — perhaps most pertinent — telemedicine services to employers. It posted a 121% growth over the last three years. Site

3110. Wellworks For You2018 revenue: $5.8 million. The West Chester, Pennsylvania company provides a “one-stop-shop” for employers to participate in wellness programs. It gives users information about their wellness program’s incentives and requirements. The company grew by 118% over the last three years. Site.

3113. ImagineSoftware. 2018 revenue: $34.2 million. This Charlotte, North Carolina-based company provides billing-automation software and revenue-management apps to billing companies and medical practices in the US. Founded in 2000 the company reported a three-year growth of 118%. Site.

3236. Reveleer. 2018 revenue: $6.8 million. This healthcare risk assessment company was first founded a decade ago. Based in Glendale, California, the company posted 112% three-year growth. Site.

3318. MRO. 2018 revenue: $81.2 million. Founded in 2013, the company has grown by 108% over the last three years. It provides clients with management services to help exchange health care information in a secure way. Site.

3322. Mindoula. 2018 revenue: $8.6 million. Although behavioral health management company Mindoula Health isn’t purely a tech company, it considers technology to be a significant part of its identity as a company. The care management firm has had an iPhone and Android messenger app available to its members for a few years. It allows members to communicate with their care managers both virtually and in-person. It posted a 108% three-year growth. Site.

3323. AccuReg Software. 2018 revenue: $12 million.  The health tech company focuses on front-end revenue cycle management. Founded in 2005, the company reported a 108% three-year growth. Site

3333. Vizzia Technologies. 2018 revenue: $3 million. The company is in the business of RFID and real-time location system tracking of hospital materials and devices, in addition to tracking things like temperature and hand hygiene in hospitals. It grew 108% in the last three years. Site.

3723. Vyne. 2018 revenue: $35.5 million. The company specializes in the secure exchange of healthcare data between various stakeholders. The 12-time honoree returns to the list with 92% growth over the last three years. Site.

3868. Aduro. 2018 revenue: $30.2 million. The company’s app includes wellness features like nutrition and exercise, but also helps employees build other positive habits. The Washington state-based company grew by 86% in the last three years, and makes its fourth appearance on Inc's list. Site.

3906. Synergen Health. 2018 revenue: $11 million. The company focuses on helping healthcare systems streamline their revenue cycle. Over the last three years it reported an 85% growth. Site.

3955. Clinical Mind. 2018 revenue $23.5 million. The New York company focuses on helping providers understand new innovations and clinical value via automated coding. It reported an 83% three-year growth. Site.

3987. GSI Health. 2018 revenue: $11.5 million. GSI Health uses data analytics to improve care coordination and population health management. The Philadelphia-based firm posted 82% growth. Site.

4264. Discovery Health Partners. 2018 revenue: $29.2 million. This marks the sixth time Discovery Health Partners has landed on the list. It provides software and cloud services to healthcare payers, including 10 Blues and three of the US’s top five health plans. Over the last three years it has grown by 72%. Site.

4314. ExactCare Pharmacy. 2018 revenue: $203.4 million. The Valley View Ohio-based company was founded in 2009 with the aim of making medication management easier and safer for patients. It has grown by 71% in the last three years. Site.

4473. eHealth Technologies. 2018 revenue: $22.5 million. Founded in 2006, this West Henrietta, New York-based company’s products seek to improve healthcare delivery by providing health systems with access to an intelligently aggregated clinical record, and images, for every patient referral. In the last three years the company has seen 66% growth. Site.

4569. Seeking Health. 2018 revenue $19 million. The Bellingham, Washington company focuses on helping people choose the right supplements for their body. The company grew by 64% in the last three years. Site.

4645. Secure Medical. 2018 revenue: $29 million. This Tempe, Arizona-based telemedicine company focuses on providing services remote healthcare systems. The company is also able to expedite ordering and payment-processing services for telemedicine visits. Over the last three years, the company grew by 62%. Site.

4851. pMD. 2018 revenue: $10 million. San Francisco, California-based pMD’s mobile communication and data capture platform aims to increase efficiency by allowing physicians to capture charges and patient data more accurately at the point of care. In three years it has seen 57% growth. Site.


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