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Cedars-Sinai taps 11 startups for its latest accelerator class

The class includes startups involved in workflow management systems, remote patient monitoring systems, clinical trial data tools and augmented reality education.
By Laura Lovett
03:33 pm

Cedars-Sinai has unveiled its latest accelerator class, which features startups the run the gamut of workflow management systems to remote patient monitoring systems and clinical trial data tools to augmented reality education. The next step for the 11 startups selected is a three-month stint at Cedars-Sinai’s Los Angles hospital to work with clinicians and administration teams. 

Each of the newly minted members will receive $100,000 to kickstart their companies. 

"It's exciting to see our innovation community grow with each new class of companies, and these founders and their teams bring a remarkable breadth of backgrounds and experiences," Anne Wellington, managing director of the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator, said in a statement. "I'm looking forward to seeing how our fifth class transforms care at Cedars-Sinai and beyond."

Over the years accelerator alumni have included medical chat bot Gyant, care pathway management company Lumeon and patient experience company NarrativeDx.

Read on for a list of this year's accelerator participants.

 AMPAworks is a startup focused on medical inventory. Their product is a small cube that enables image recognition to count inventory and provides real-time video feed of the count. 

ClinicianNexus is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based startup is focused on helping medical school students to apply for rotations. The company pitches itself as the “Airbnb for clinical rotations,” and is focused on streamlining the communication and onboarding process of clinical rotations. 

Feedtrail is a platform that captures patients’ satisfaction rates and translates them into an action plan for providers. The platform is able to analyze these survey results and give providers feedback based on where they are falling short. In May Feedtrail landed $1 million in seed funding. 

FocusMotion Health employs artificial intelligence to help monitor and guide patients as they recover from orthopedic surgery. The service provides exercises for the patients as well as the ability to send data back to the provider.  

Hawthorne Effect is a startup focused on better capturing clinical trial data. The system is able to virtually connect clinical trial investigators with subjects and help patient-related data. 

Health Note is focused on medical documentation. The platform prompts patients to enter their medical information prior to a visit to the doctor's. The company pitches its tech as a way to save time and help the doctor spend more time with the patient. 

Lantum is a British startup that works on scheduling shifts for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. It is currently used in NHS systems. 

Notisphere alerts medical systems when a product has been recalled. The digital platform lets suppliers announce recalls to healthcare providers. 

OMNY is a data sharing platform that helps providers communicate, with a special focus on drug usage. Recently it teamed up with British pharma company BTG pillot a distributed ledger-based platform to help track the supply of the company’s antivenom. 

Parker Isaac Instruments provides tissue-separating tools that isolate the lymph nodes from surrounding fat. The tool can be used in detecting the spread of cancer, according to a release. 

Virti is an augmented reality and AI tool that can help clinicians and soon-to-be doctors practice different procedures and situations. 


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