Deloitte launches ConvergeHEALTH Connect digital suite using Salesforce Health Cloud

Deloitte is also working with Amgen to create a tool specifically designed to support patients in new therapies.
By Laura Lovett
12:23 pm

This morning Deloitte launched ConvergeHEALTH Connect, a new suite of four new healthcare products targeting a range of concentrations from public health care to personalized care, all of which runs on the Salesforce Health Cloud. 

The full list includes tools for patient engagement, public health programs, providers and payers.

The first tool specifically aims to help life science companies engage patients enrolled in clinical trials. The public health platform caters to government agencies and public health organizations, and helps to manage population health and disease screening. Its provider tool collects and consolidates a patient's data for providers to get better insights about the patient’s journey. Lastly, the payer product can help an insurer track its members' data in order to personalize its offerings.

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Deloitte is also working with pharma giant Amgen to launch a new life science-focused tool dubbed “PULSE” that will run on the ConvergeHEALTH Patient Connect platform. PULSE will be focused on engaging patients as they start new therapies, and in particular will be used to help with adherence and onboarding patients. 

“Our partnership with Deloitte Digital has accelerated our transformation with Salesforce as we strive towards a capability to engage and help our patients overcome illness,” Michael Hatten, US commercial technology lead at Amgen, said in a statement. “Our PULSE journey exemplifies how technology can make a material impact in the lives of patients and the healthcare ecosystem that support them.”


The launch includes a number of big stakeholders involved in different facets  ofhealth: Deloitte, Salesforce and Amgen. It signals that digital tools are top of mind in various industries and also demonstrates the growing trend of patient engagement. 


Deloitte has been interested in the digital health space for some time. It has released a slew of surveys and research papers on industry trends. However, this marks a new chapter for Deloitte — the entrance into making health tech products. 

Its partner Salesforce has been around the health tech block. Last year at HIMSS 2019, the company unveiled three new capabilities for its Health Cloud system. The new focuses were on social determinants of health, in-home care, and personalizing the patient journey. 


“From tracking and sharing health data to accessing new channels of care, consumer engagement with healthcare is growing and understanding the critical touchpoints of a patient’s journey will be key to improving patient outcomes,” Chris Zant, principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP and life sciences and health care customer and marketing leader, said in a statement. “That’s the approach we took with ConvergeHEALTH Connect. We built a common core framework for health care providers that enables them to identify and address patients’ needs across the health care life cycle.”


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