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Digital physical therapy company Reflexion Health launches HelloPT

The tool gives patients self-paced exercises and allows them to access physical therapists via telemedicine.
By Laura Lovett
03:36 pm

Last week Reflexion Health launched its new digital physical therapy platform HelloPT. Users of the new tool can access licensed physical therapists via telehealth and recovery plans. The tool will be sold to health plans and self-insured employers for their members. 

Patients start off by choosing what body parts are injured. Next they are asked to fill out a short survey. The tool then gives the patients a self-paced exercise plan based on the assessment. The platform also gives patients access to a physical therapist through telemedicine if needed. 


It’s no secret that US is facing a shortage of healthcare practioners across various specialties. The physical therapy field is among those most impacted. It is estimated that there will be an additional 27,000 physical therapists needed by 2025, according to the Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation. The organization went on to note that rural areas are the most impacted. 

Today startups, such as Reflexion, are angling to use tech to help fill this gap. 


Reflexion has been expanding its capabilities in recent years. In May it landed a 510(k) clearance for its Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA) to be used for trunk and upper extremities. The technology first got a 510(k) clearance in 2015 for its lower extremities product.

In 2018 it rolled out two new products called VERAHome for post-acute care physical therapy patients, and the VERAClinic for their clinicians, both of which are built on the Vera system. 

But this is hardly the only digital physical therapy platform on the market. Its competitors include Kaia HealthKiio, and Hinge Health.


“HelloPT is designed to empower people improve their health. Physical therapy is often thought of as a tool for recovery, but PT can be incredibly beneficial to prevent injuries and keep physical therapy needs from getting to the point where surgery or pain medication becomes necessary,” Dr. Joe Smith, CEO of Reflexion Health, said in a statement. 


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