Fasting app Zero lands $2.8M

The latest infusion of cash was led by True Ventures and Trinity Ventures.
By Laura Lovett
11:51 am

Yesterday dieting app Zero announced that it has scored $2.8 million in new seed funding. This latest cash raise was led by True Ventures and Trinity Ventures. The money is an add-on to the company’s prior seed funding, bringing its grand total to $4 million this round. 

Coinciding with this funding news is the announcement that Dr. Peter Attia will be named cofounder and chief medical officer. Additionally, Nick Robinson will be joining the team as chief business officer after coming from Quest Nutrition. 


The app is centered around helping users bring fasting into their dietary regime. The program lets users choose from what type of fasting they would like to try, including different types of intermittent fasting and circadian rhythm fasting. It also allows people to log activity and take notes on their fasts. 


The company said it plans to use the new funds to grow the platform and bring new product offerings to market. 


The digital health market is no stranger to dieting apps. In a similar vein to Zero, LifeOmic released its intermittent fasting app in 2018. This app was designed to help users track and plan fasts, monitor their moods, create custom fasting circles, monitor when they are in ketosis and share their health data securely with doctors and researchers. 

While these apps are quite specific, others in the field are more general dieting apps. Lose IT!, and Suggestic are just a few of the popular consumer dieting apps on the market today. 


"Wellness is a $4.2 trillion-dollar industry and continues to grow rapidly year over year," Tony Conrad, partner at True Ventures, said in a statement. "People all over the world are looking for ways to improve their health and well-being, from adopting meditation practices, to taking increased control over their nutrition and finding the right fitness routines. The Zero team and Mike are viewing this opportunity through the lens of their own health journeys as they bring this practice of intermittent fasting to the mainstream. We love to support these types of teams — teams on a personal mission to make a meaningful impact in people's lives."


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