Long-term care communications platform secures $330,000 seed round

SafeKeeping's platform integrates with a provider's EHR system to cut down on non-urgent communications eating up clinicians' time.
By Dave Muoio
01:14 pm

SafeKeeping, maker of an integrated, mobile-friendly care communications platform for long-term care, announced this morning it has secured $330,000 in seed funding from Solidea Capital and other unnamed investors.


SafeKeeping’s tool aims to cut down on non-emergency calls between care teams and patient families. Its integration with PointClickCare, another senior-focused EHR company, allows long-term care provider groups to easily implement the platform within their existing system. Individual clinicians and care teams can access the service’s dashboard through a mobile app, where they can access care instructions, patient vitals, medications and other clinical information. Meanwhile, families are provided with secure messages on their own devices with configurable updates on the condition of their loved one.

Overall, my personal experience with this market showed me the large communication gaps that exist between long-term care facility staff and families of residents,” Doug Wilcox, CEO and cofounder of SafeKeeping, told MobiHealthNews in an email statement. “Adopting SafeKeeping will allow facilities to close that gap and leapfrog into today’s mobile-first world in just minutes, as implementing our platform takes essentially no time at all and requires no back-end changes. This will have significant positive implications on resident and family satisfaction, and the ability of long-term care facilities to be more efficient, thus spending more time on patient-critical tasks.”

Citing independent research, SafeKeeping said in its announcement that the platform has so far saved roughly 370 for each long-term care facility in which it has been adopted. Further, seventy percent of families use the platform once per week, and 90% reported feeing more informed about the care of their loved one.


We’re thrilled with the results of our initial round of seed funding, as it will allow us to bring on additional support, expand into new facilities and continue to refine and expand our platform,” Wilcox said. “Based on our current growth trajectory, we feel that this is just the beginning of our journey into revitalizing a long-term care industry that’s facing an innovation crisis.”


Provider-patient communications platforms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Texan startup Medici’s platform, for instance, won $22.4 million from a number of backers last summer, while Luma Health’s approach brought in a more modest $6.3 million around the same time.

Within the long-term care software space, it’s been only half a year since Health Care Software, maker of clinical and financial tools for long-term settings, was acquired by WellSky.


“SafeKeeping was born from personal frustrations with the lack of transparency we experienced when our loved ones were in long-term care facilities,” Matt Prasek cofounder and CPO of SafeKeeping, said in a statement. “Through our initial seed round, our goal is to continue to grow and help facilities deliver a better and more informed experience to residents and their families.”


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