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MassChallenge announces its startup class of 2020

This year's cohort includes 27 companies that are working on everything from digital therapeutics to care coordination tools, to clinician workflow platforms, to opioid alternatives.
By Laura Lovett
04:04 pm

This morning accelerator MassChallenge HealthTech named its class of 2020, which includes 27 startups from all over the world. This year’s list of companies includes everything from a VR-enabled digital therapeutic to care coordination products. 

Startups that made this year’s cohort will have access to co-working office space and a tailored curriculum that connects startups to advisors, investors, pilots and research opportunities.

“Our applicants hailed from over 30 countries and our judging process proved to be incredibly competitive this year,” Nick Dougherty, managing director of MassChallenge HealthTech, said in a statement. “The number of high-quality partnerships generated through matchmaking makes me extremely excited about what our entrepreneurs will accomplish with their Champion partners.”

At the end of the year-long program, companies will compete for more than $200,000 in zero-equity cash prizes. 

This year’s cohort includes: 

Byteflies is a Dutch company that specializes in making remote monitoring wearables for the B2B market. It caters to pharma companies employing them for clinical trials, and to health systems working on a value-based model. 

Cutii is a French company that has created a home robot designed to help seniors with daily tasks and connect to others. 

Dock Health is a startup based in Boston that is focused on helping providers reduce administrative burden through a secure care coordination platform.  

DynamiCare Health is a platform designed to support people with substance use disorder. Its technology includes random breath and saliva tests that are conducted through the device, GPS verification of treatment attendance, telehealth coaching and monetary incentive rewards that can’t be spent at a bar or liquor store. 

EatWell Meal Kits is a platform that provides healthy meal kits to families in areas with a high rate of food insecurity. The meals are priced at $3 a serving. It markets itself as an alternative to fast food. 

Eleos is a SaaS platform created to help mental health professional track, view and analyze their patients.  

Embleema is a platform that uses blockchain to allow individuals with rare disease to share their personal health records and other data points with life science researchers. 

Health Note is a tool developed to help healthcare providers reduce patient registration time with an automated intake and triage tool. 

ianacare lets caregivers coordinate schedules and communicate. Friends, children and neighbors can be looped into the system. 

InfiniTeach was created to help individuals with autism engage in a community and build new skills. 

Karuna Health is a Californian company that facilitates patient and caregiver communication. It wraps up SMS, MMS, calls and voicemail into one platform. 

Knot is a Boston-based startup which helps clinicians log their cases. 

Limbix is a West Coast digital therapeutics company that uses VR to help treat a variety of mental illnesses. It also comes with a corresponding app. 

Marigold Health is an app that was developed to help people with substance use disorder find support and care.

MedFlyt is a platform developed to help link home health agencies, caregivers and clinicians. 

Moving Analytics is a digital platform targeted at cardiac rehabilitation and heart disease prevention. 

NuEyes Technologies is a tech company that makes a special smart glasses wearable for people with visual impairments.

Ompractice is a platform that helps individuals practice yoga at home with a two-way video component. 

Posh is a natural language bot designed to have a human-like conversation. Specifically, it is designed to help automate enterprise communication tasks.

Sana Healths goal is to reduce the number of opioids patients need. Instead of the drugs, it offers a “non-invasive bio-therapeutic device” to help alleviate pain. 

Savvy Cooperative helps innovators and health systems get a patient’s perspective on new technologies. 

Tembo.Health provides telemedicine services to skilled nursing facilities, in particular by enabling specialist visits. 

Think and Zoom combines Google Glass and Neurosky EEG headset to allow the user to zoom in on an object by thinking about it. 

UDoTest is an at-home test kit, which lets users test a number of conditions including STDs, colon conditions and HPV. 

Vyasa Analytics uses deep learning software and analytics to help clinicians get a patient overview. 

Walk with Path is a wearable device meant to be clipped onto the user’s shoe. It was designed to give people with an irregular gait visual cues and so as to prevent falls.

Working Well is a platform designed to help individuals dealing with mental health conditions manage their work life. 

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