Nines banks $16.5M for tele-radiology, AI imaging triage platform

Accel and 8VC headlined the Mount Sinai-affiliated startup's Series A.
By Dave Muoio
03:30 pm

Nines, a tele-radiology and artificial intelligence startup, unveiled its software platform alongside news of a $16.5 million Series A raise. The funding was led by Accel and 8VC, with individual participants also taking part.


The two-year-old startup’s efforts are broken into two camps. On the one hand is a tele-radiology service that’s staffed by live specialists, and according to the company is bolstered by partnerships with institutions such as the Mount Sinai Health System.

Its other work involves the startup’s investigational machine learning platform intended to support imaging data analysis. Called the Emergent Neuro Suite, the triage tool is intended to help radiologists prioritize their time for patients most in need of prompt treatment.

“The right solution for radiologists is the one that results in the right interpretation,” Dr. Alexander Kagen, cofounder and CMO for Nines, said in a statement. “We are combining technology and clinical expertise to help radiologists intelligently prioritize their ever-growing imaging worklists. Nines is designed to help radiologists adapt and build toward a near-term future where technology plays an increasingly larger role in improving patient outcomes.”

Nines notes that this tool is not currently in use among its tele-radiology practice.


While the company did not outline a specific plan for its funds, the announcement did note ongoing regulatory discussions with the FDA concerning its Emergent Neuro Suite software product.


Tele-radiology services appear to be on the rise, with a report published last year by Transparency Market Research pegging the space for a 19% compound annual growth rate until 2026. On the software side, the FDA has been signaling the green light for a number of imaging analysis support algorithms from companies like Aidoc and Zebra Medical Vision that are focusing on a range of specific conditions.


“We have a fundamental belief that radiology reimagined with modern data science can significantly improve the lives of patients and clinicians alike,” David Stavens, cofounder and CEO of Nines, said in a statement. “We’re working to pioneer new approaches and innovations from clinical care, engineering and data science.


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