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One Drop's diabetes management product comes to Apple Stores

Certain locations are now carrying the One Drop Chrome blood glucose meter, which is accompanied by a lancing device, test strips and a one-year subscription to an accompanying mobile app.
By Dave Muoio
11:57 am

One Drop’s wireless blood glucose monitor is now being sold in certain US Apple Stores, according to a release from the company.

One Drop’s platform, which is integrated with Apple’s Health Records, allows iPhone users to more conveniently check their glucose levels and share that data, alongside the rest of their personal health record, with providers. Additionally, purchase of the system at an Apple Store comes with a one-year subscription to the company’s companion app-based service.

The One Drop Chrome system consists of a blood glucose meter, a lancing device, test strips and a mobile app for smartphones and smartwatches. Subscribers to the service receive replacement testing strips through the mail; are able to track their glucose levels, diet, activity and insulin doses through the app; and may receive coaching assistance.

One Drop’s product was previously sold through Apple’s online marketplace, according to CNBC, but the Chrome isn’t the first diabetes management to be sold in Apple’s stores — that title was claimed back in 2012 by a glucose meter dongle developed by Sanofi.


Digital health tools offer consumers an opportunity to take ownership of their health, with many like One Drop’s system offering more convenient management of their chronic condition. And much like Best Buy’s deal with Tyto Care, shelf space at a major tech retailer is a clear opportunity to get more devices in consumers’ hands.

“The healthcare industry is deeply invested in resisting progress, but consumerized, data-driven, digital health is becoming a reality,” Jeff Dachis, founder and CEO of One Drop, said in a statement. “Diabetes affects more than 30 million Americans today, many of whom face a tremendous amount of stigma and lack of adequate support from an over-burdened system. One Drop is shifting value towards the consumer, while remaining relentlessly focused on improving outcomes and quality of life.”


For Apple, in-store availability of a compatible digital health product is yet more evidence of its shift toward consumer-friendly digital health. Chief among these efforts have been the Apple Watch’s ECG feature, continued support for Apple Health Records and the announcement of new health tracking features set to launch with WatchOS 6.

One Drop, for its part, only rolled out its integration with Apple’s platform in late January. The functionality coincided with the launch of its One Drop Personal Diabetes Assistant, a feature that automatically devices a daily schedule based on the tasks and meals users enter into the app.

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