Pediatric virtual therapy platform scores $1.2M in seed funding

The new round was led by CMI Ventures.
By Laura Lovett
01:53 pm

Late last week New York City-based startup Enable My Child, a virtual pediatric therapy platform, announced a $1.2 million seed funding raise. This new round was led by CMI Ventures.  


The company is focused on connecting children with behavioral, learning or developmental conditions to a variety of board-certified therapists for tele-therapy. The services include virtual occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and psychology services. According to the website, the services can be accessed at home, in schools or at early intervention sites. The conditions treated include autism, ADHD and a slew of others. 

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The platform is able to store notes and health records and is able to submit insurance claims. Recently, the company launched a new product called EMC Brain, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data to give therapists more information about each patient and effective treatments in similar patients. 

The startup accepts insurance, and any costs not covered by insurance are billed to the family. Medicaid is accepted in some states, according to the company.  


The company said the new money will help it expand its virtual services for school and early intervention centers across the country. 


There are a number of digital health startups focused on pediatric therapies. For example, Akili is building a digital therapeutic video game focused on treating ADHD. Otsimo is a digital health startup focused on developmental disorders, which includes an app to help kids with autism, Down syndrome and other cognitive learning disorders. 


“There are millions of families with young children facing various forms of developmental challenges who need professional help, but the taboo around pediatric therapy persists,” Cam Chalmers, partner at CMI Ventures, said in a statement. “Syed [Mohammed, founder and CEO of  Enable My Child] and his team are passionate, have vast experience in the space, and aren’t afraid to tackle the challenge head-on, so we’re thrilled to support them on their mission to modernize pediatric therapy services.”


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