Orchyd launches period tracker with smart wallet

The app is able to collect information about a user's cycle and give users alerts a few days before their period starts.
By Laura Lovett
02:48 pm

Photo credit: Orchyd

Femtech company Orchyd is launching its period-tracking app and connected smart wallet that together store a one-day supply of period products.

The tool is designed to track user's periods, ovulation and overall health. It uses artificial intelligence in order to collect information about a user's history, which can be shared with a partner. Users can set up the app to give them alerts when to remove period products like tampons, to avoid toxic shock.

The tool can also ping users a few days before their expected period with a reminder to be ready. The company is also providing a telehealth feature that lets users connect with a provider about women's health concerns. The membership comes with two free sessions. After that users can pay for more services or a bundle.

The smart wallet is connected to the app, and can set reminders when users need to replace or remove period products.


According to a report from Rock Health, the femtech sector only represents 3% of digital health deals in the U.S. since 2011. However, there is still an unmet need in this segment.

According to UNICEF, around half of women, or 26% the global population are of reproductive age. Today technologists have pitched using digitally enabled products to help meet the needs of this population.


There are a growing number of apps and wearables designed to help people with periods track their cycle. In 2018, Fitbit launched a period tracker, and in 2019, Apple launched its own cycle tracker on its Health app.  

Apps include Flo and Clue, some of those are even venturing into the digital contraception space.

It hasn't been all smooth sailing for these apps. In 2019, U.K.-based research group Privacy International found that some apps are sharing users’ personal information including details about a user’s cycle and even the last time they had sex — with social media giant Facebook.

The report found that most popular apps, including period trackers by Leap Fitness Group, Flo, Simple Design and Biowink’s Clue all passed the test and are not sharing with Facebook. 



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