RapidSOS secures $21 million to expand emergency response platform

The funding round was led by Transformation Capital and included C5 Capital, Laerdal Million Lives Fund and existing investors.
By Mallory Hackett
01:46 pm

RapidSOS received $21 million in funding, the emergency response technology company announced today. The funding round was led by Transformation Capital and included support from C5 Capital, Laerdal Million Lives Fund and existing investors. 


The New York-based company developed its digital platform to provide free critical data to first responders in order to make faster and smarter emergency responses. With its technology, RapidSOS shares information like a caller's name, location and opt-in health information to 911 operators and first responders. 

The company already works with over 4,700 public safety agencies all over the world and links more than 350 million devices to provide its potentially life-saving services.


With this added support, RapidSOS has reached a total funding of $107 million after a past round led by Energy Impact Partners brought in $55 million. 

The company plans to use the money to extend the work it is currently doing. It will help to provide health, location and pertinent personal data to first responders in emergency situations.

"First responders are doing incredible work during this unprecedented pandemic," Michael Martin, CEO of RapidSOS, said in a statement. "With this funding, we can further connect health information from the patient in need, to first responders on scene, all the way to hospital systems, driving our mission to create a safer, stronger future where technology and people work together to save lives."


RapidSOS isn’t the only company working towards creating safer communities with digital tools. Rave Mobile Safety has a suite of safety solutions that includes space specifically for 911 operators and first responders. Israel-based Carbyne also collected $15 million in August 2018 for its end-to-end, digitized emergency response system that incorporates data collection tools, algorithm-driven information prioritization and other features.

Outside the public safety sphere, digital health companies have snagged record levels of funding in recent months with major investments for Higi, Mindstrong and PatientPing.



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