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Recap: Future of mHealth Twitter Chat

By Benjamin Harris

As a primer for this year's mHealth Summit, @mHealth_News hosted a Twitter Chat to seek out people's visions for the future of mHealth. Centered around questions and ideas put forth in a blog post on mHealth News, the chat covered four questions related to mHealth's strengths, its place in the future and its potential help transform healthcare. The participants included practitioners, technicians, fans and skeptics, and people in the industry curious and excited about the potential of the growing mHealth world. The conversation was lively and well-peppered with insights coming from many different angles. Take a look at the highlights selected here, and remember- the conversation isn’t over! Share your vision with the #mHealth13 and #socialgood hashtags, and be sure to let us know if you’re going to be at this year’s Summit.

Tell us your vision for the future of mhealth! Use #mHealth13 & #socialgood leading up to @mhealthsummit to tell us your vision for the future of #mHealth >>