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Seeking clinical outcomes from a diabetes management pilot

By Eric Wicklund

Samsung and WellDoc are taking their technology north of the border to test a digital self-management program for diabetics.

Conducted through the publicly funded Ontario Telemedicine Network – one of the largest networks in the world – the Bluestar S program will initially target at least 300 people with type 2 diabetes. Each participant will get a prescription from their healthcare provider for Bluestar, WellDoc's smartphone-based therapy app, which in turn will be integrated with Samsung's S Health platform.

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"By working with Samsung, WellDoc has an opportunity to make a real impact in bettering the lives of the millions of people (who) are living with type 2 diabetes each day," WellDoc CEO Kevin McRaith said in a press release. "Our goal is to improve self-management, which ultimately leads to better outcomes, as demonstrated in our clinical trials.

The decision to target type 2 diabetics is significant. Often called adult-onset diabetes, type 2 diabetes is exacerbated – even caused - by lifestyle choices, and can be managed and even reversed by a management plan that includes diet, exercise and medication. A study that proposes to use a digital management program on type 2 diabetics, therefore, stands a good chance of producing measurable clinical outcomes.

Baltimore-based WellDoc, one of the leaders in the digital diabetes treatment field, offers a management program that synchs with a diabetic's blood glucose monitor to measure blood glucose levels in real time and push medication treatment guidance to the user whenever it's needed. The platform also allows the user to track diet, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle metrics, enabling the user and his/her physician to set personalized lifestyle goals within the management program.

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"We understand that managing type 2 diabetes is not just about medical treatments but also influenced by one's lifestyle," Injong Rhee, executive vice president of enterprise business at Samsung Mobile, said in the press release. "As mobility and lifestyle become more closely tied than ever, Samsung is committed to develop and simplify mobile healthcare solutions."



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