Withings rolls out connected blood pressure, ECG cuff in EU; US launch slated for Q3

While the less pricey Withings BPM Connect is now available in both regions' Apple and Withings storefronts, the US launch of the ECG-enabled BPM Core is on hold as the company awaits FDA clearance.
By Dave Muoio
03:00 am

Withings announced this morning that it is updating its connected blood pressure cuff product line with two new offerings: a revamped version of its existing at-home cuff, and a premium cardiac monitor with onboard ECG functionality.

The former device is the Withings BPM Connect ($99.95/€99.95/£89.95), an FDA-cleared and CE-compliant consumer product for monitoring systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and heart rate. While the new take still uploads its readings onto a smart device, an LED display on the device itself now allows users to check themselves without the need for a smartphone or tablet.

The second device, called the BPM Core (€249.95/£229.99), has the same features as the Connect with the addition of atrial fibrillation and heart abnormality detection. After a 90-second read, the device surfaces heart rate, blood pressure and ECG readings on its LED display and within the connected app. Then, the app will tell users whether their ECG translates to a normal sinus rhythm, atrial fibrillation or “inconclusive” reading, and will also warn users when they might have a valvular heart disease.

Both devices allow users to share their readings and recordings with a providers through the app, and will integrate with Apple’s personal health record system.

“We are excited to be introducing BPM Core and BPM Connect, as both medical devices go way beyond simply providing people with easy access to their personal blood pressure information,” Eric Carreel, president of Withings, said in a statement. “BPM Core is by far the most sophisticated and wide-ranging at-home cardiovascular monitor yet that gives people and their physicians a detailed look at their daily heart health from the comfort of their home. On the other hand, our new BPM Connect was specifically designed to offer people that want a simple way to monitor their general heart health a user-friendly and convenient solution they can use without the need of a phone and even while on-the-go.”

The BPM Connect is available for purchase today in the US and Europe through Apple Stores, Apple.com, Withings.com and other retailers. Sales of the BPM Core are also live in Europe; however, the company is aiming for a Q3 US launch as the device is still awaiting the FDA's all clear.


Both of Withings’ new devices are focused on helping patients at risk for cardiovascular disease monitor their condition. Consumer devices that can conduct multiple tests within a single sitting, and then easily share those results with a physician or specialist, have an opportunity to reduce these patients' burden and potentially increase their engagement with care.

What's more, Withings' decision to launch its new devices in Apple’s storefronts and integrate with Apple Health serves as yet another development of the tech company’s ongoing push into consumer health.


The BPM Core in particular is the latest in a rush of at-home ECG devices for consumers. Along with the company’s upcoming Move ECG smartwatch, AliveCor recently received FDA clearance for a connected six-lead ECG device just a few months after Apple added the functionality to its latest wrist-worn devices.


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