By Dave Muoio July 1, 2020
Scheduled to launch in Q3, the offering combines Lenovo devices, connected biometric biomonitoring tools and an AI-based virtual assistant.

Hafsa Dasu, Boots Macmillan Information Pharmacist

By Sara Mageit July 1, 2020
The service will offer an accessible route for those affected by cancer to speak to a trained healthcare professional from the comfort of their own home.

Andreas Giese, managing director Snke OS and Stefan Vilsmeier, CEO and founder, Brainlab. 

By Sara Mageit July 1, 2020
Munich-based, digital surgical technology company, Brainlab has announced the foundation of new subsidiary, Snke OS, in a move that will allow Snke OS to market to a wider circle of industry startups, partners and competitors. Working out of its new headquarters in the Bogenhausen area of Munich, the team is already developing a digital platform for surgery, rooted in current Brainlab software.
By Laura Lovett June 30, 2020
This latest contribution was led by Mubadala Capital and Bpifrance. 
By Dave Muoio June 30, 2020
Firstbeat Analytics provides software that helps monitor stress, sleep, respiration rate and more for Garmin and other consumer smartwatch makers.
By Mallory Hackett June 30, 2020
OmniPEMF, a creator of wellness devices, has released its neurostimulation headband, called NeoRhythm, for worldwide availability today. The headband uses pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology to help wearers create the desired mental state for sleep, relaxation, focus, pain relief, meditation or energy. The PEMF technology in the headband triggers the brain to mimic the signals created...
By Laura Lovett June 30, 2020
While the capital for femtech companies continues to pour in, investors discuss the importance of looking beyond menopause and fertility to sexual health and contraception. 
By Dave Muoio June 30, 2020
The clothing and lifestyle brand backed Mirror in 2019, and had been working with the startup on branded workout content.
By Sara Mageit June 30, 2020
Brisbane-based digital health company, ResApp Health has announced the launch of SleepCheck, a mobile medical device software application that analyses a user’s breathing and snoring sounds during sleep and provides an assessment of their risk of sleep apnoea.
By Mallory Hackett June 29, 2020
The device applies electrical impulses to the cranial nerves around the ear, which can reduce neuron activity and opioid withdrawal symptoms.