Ralf-Gordon Jahns (pictured on the right) is the Managing Director of Research2Guidance, a leading market analyst and strategy consultancy company for the global digital health market.

By Ralf-Gordon Jahns April 1, 2020
German-based Ralf Jahns, MD at Research2Guidance, explains the role of different stakeholders in fighting COVID-19.
By Tammy Lovell April 1, 2020
Funds will be used to expand further and strengthen the startup’s medical network.

Credit: Hospitech Respiration

By Sophie Porter April 1, 2020
The device has already been used to successfully treat patients with the coronavirus  in Wuhan, China.
By Dave Muoio March 31, 2020
The AI company now has a presence among more than 500 U.S. hospitals.
By Laura Lovett March 31, 2020
The round was led by Cigna Ventures and MemorialCare Innovation Fund with participation from Avalon Ventures, CU Healthcare Innovation Fund and Stanford Health Care. 
By Dave Muoio March 31, 2020
The company is also adding more content to its Fitbit Premium subscription service.
By Marianna Imenokhoeva March 31, 2020
Marianna Imenokhoeva, founder at LinktoMedicine and Future50 International, writes about telehealth and its practicalities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Credit: Medbelle

By Sophie Porter March 31, 2020
Customers can also act as a sponsor, purchasing tests for key workers and vulnerable people

Credit: Biolidics

By Dean Koh March 31, 2020
The medtech company has obtained provisional authorization from Singapore’s HSA for its rapid test kit to be used in Singapore. 

Credit: Doctor Anywhere

By Dean Koh March 31, 2020
The funds will be used for the telehealth startup’s expansion in the APAC region with the support of local and regional partners.

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