By Dave Muoio June 11, 2020
Across a number of different specialties, students – and even practitioners – can put practical technology skills to use and gain an emphasis on collaboration for the rest of their careers.
By Laura Lovett June 11, 2020
A panel at BIO Digital dives into where VR, AR and other immersive technologies make sense for healthcare. 
By Mallory Hackett June 11, 2020
RapidSOS received $21 million in funding, the emergency response technology company announced today. The funding round was led by Transformation Capital and included support from C5 Capital, Laerdal Million Lives Fund and existing investors. 
By Dave Muoio June 11, 2020
Also: DispatchHealth adds a new COO, and Saykara announces a new marketing VP.
A stethoscope rests on dollar bills
By Dave Muoio June 10, 2020
Investors are no longer meeting new partners face to face, but primed funds and new demand for converging digital products still fuel new deals.
By Laura Lovett June 10, 2020
Panelists at BIO Digital discuss the obstacles of implementing digital tools to treat asthma and COPD patients, as well as the opportunity. 
Person rolling a boulder uphill
By Dave Muoio June 10, 2020
Large health tech customers are more cautious and overwhelmed than ever, which means that many younger digital health startups will face an uphill battle selling their products in the months to come.
By Dave Muoio June 10, 2020
The Cue Health Monitoring System can deliver its results through a smartphone dashboard, and is intended for use by health professionals and consumers alike.
Doctor holding tablet
By Mallory Hackett June 10, 2020
 Experts say that adopting an effective digital strategy is necessary for a company’s survival.

Credit: D-link

By Tammy Lovell June 10, 2020
The solution can be used to flag potential risks of COVID-19.