By Mallory Hackett 12:28 pm August 20, 2020
Uber Health announced today it’s expanding to include pharmaceutical delivery through a partnership with on-demand digital-prescription platform NimbleRx. The partnership is beginning in Seattle and Dallas, but Uber said it “plans to grow in the coming months” to include more medication deliveries to those who need it. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. WHY IT MATTERS
By Dave Muoio 11:06 am August 20, 2020
The platform recently launched in California, and is eyeing more states down the line.
By Mallory Hackett 10:52 am August 20, 2020
The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy interventions, such as Big Health’s Sleepio program, has been found to improve both sleep and mental health in individuals with insomnia and clinically significant depressive symptoms, according to new research published in the Journal of Sleep Research.   Sleepio is a digital sleep-improvement program that offers personalized treatment base on a user’s...
By Jonah Comstock 10:07 am August 20, 2020
After declaring bankruptcy at the beginning of 2019, the Canadian company sold some of its patents to Honeywell.
By Tammy Lovell 08:02 am August 20, 2020
The CARE consortium will accelerate R&D by bringing together expertise from research institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

Above photo: Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health. Credit: JD Health

By Dean Koh 11:15 pm August 19, 2020
The company has recruited about 300 full-time doctors working as the core team for the “family doctor” services.
By Sara Mageit 05:43 pm August 19, 2020
The new national data guardian will oversee the collection and use of patient data.  
By Dave Muoio 02:59 pm August 19, 2020
The company's diabetic foot ulcer detection platform is now available through 40 VA medical centers.
By Dave Muoio 01:10 pm August 19, 2020
Major pharmacies and services say they're unaffected by USPS troubles so far, but some online platforms that rely on the service are worried about their patients and long-term business.
By Mallory Hackett 10:56 am August 19, 2020
With the research gathered in its study, Fitbit hopes to create an algorithm that can detect diseases such as COVID-19 before symptoms start using physiological signs.