By Brian Dolan 11:23 am September 29, 2010
Medical reference software developer Epocrates released the results from its fifth annual "Future Physicians of America" survey, which polled 700 medical students about their technology habits, expectations and preferences. About 80 percent of those medical students surveyed are set to be practicing physicians within the next two years.
By Brian Dolan 10:26 am September 29, 2010
Despite the medical industry's recent interest in consumer tablets like Apple's iPad, investors continue to fund Phreesia, which provide touchscreen devices that help patients check-in to doctor’s offices and emergency rooms.
By Brian Dolan 07:27 am September 29, 2010
Nimble: EMR and revenue cycle management software developer ClearPractice this week introduced a "comprehensive" EMR application called Nimble that was specifically created for the iPad.
By Molly Merrill 01:47 pm September 28, 2010
The devotion teenagers' pay to their text messages may not be a bad thing, if children's hospitals can use it to help boost medication adherence in their patients. According to a 2010 report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, half of teens send 50 or more text messages a day, or 1,500 texts a month, and one in three send more than 100 texts a day, or more than 3,000 texts a month.
By Brian Dolan 02:02 pm September 27, 2010
Saxon sounds off: Noted wireless health thought leader Dr. Leslie Saxon produced the USC Body Computing Conference last week and also found time to pen a worthwhile column for Fast Company about the need for wireless health: "We live in a global economy and we need to continue our leadership in healthcare as we enter the Healthcare Digital Age.
By Brian Dolan 01:17 pm September 27, 2010
Dr. Mohit Kaushal, director of Connected Health at the Federal Communications Commission, has joined the West Wireless Health Institute as its new Executive Vice President of Business Development and Chief Strategy Officer.
By Brian Dolan 07:10 pm September 22, 2010
About seven months ago India-based mHealth service provider mDhil said it had more than 150,000 paid users of its public health text message service. mDhil CEO and Founder Nandu Madhava told MobiHealthNews at the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit in London that the service now counts more than 250,000 paid users. About 50,000 users are returning on a monthly basis, Madhava said.
By Brian Dolan 06:54 pm September 22, 2010
FDA and Health Canada recently cleared Calgary Scientific's Resolution MD app,  the system is certified for clinical use by Health Canada and the FDA.
By Brian Dolan 06:16 pm September 22, 2010
Earlier this month, Alere Healthcare inked a deal with AirStrip Technologies to distribute the company's wireless remote fetal monitoring technology in the US. In March, Alere inked a similar deal with Monica Healthcare, which also specializes in wireless remote fetal monitoring. At the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit in London this week, Monica Healthcare CEO Dr.