By Brian Dolan 01:13 am September 16, 2010
"Maybe it's about transforming the entire system." Thierry Zylberberg, Executive Vice President, Head of Orange Healthcare Division, France Telecom said during a presentation at the mHealth Summit in Dubai this week. "One arena where mHealth really works is the United States Army.
By Brian Dolan 03:05 pm September 15, 2010
Google and Spectrum Bridge have outfitted a rural community hospital in Logan, Ohio with a WiFi and WiMAX network that runs over unused TV white spaces spectrum. The Hocking Valley Community Clinic has been trialling the white spaces-based network for the past year under a one-year study originally greenlit by the FCC back in 2008.
By Brian Dolan 02:31 pm September 15, 2010
Big day for Google Health: The online health platform announced a new design, new features and a couple of new mobile health apps partners. For the first time, I'm tempted to use it.
By Brian Dolan 01:56 pm September 15, 2010
Dell now offers its Google Android powered Streak device as an option in its electronic health record (EHR) and hardware bundle for the healthcare industry. Streak sports a five-inch screen and weighs less than half a pound. The Streak features cameras on the the front and back, which can be used to capture images for use in EHRs, according to a report over at Health Data Management. Dell's EHR...
By Brian Dolan 01:37 pm September 15, 2010
Motorola commercially launched a new rugged, disinfectant-ready smartphone for nurses and clinicians that looks to enable healthcare providers to perform a number of tasks, including ePrescribing, vital sign monitoring, placing lab orders, tracking specimens, accessing test results and more.
By Brian Dolan 01:04 pm September 15, 2010
According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers' online survey results released last week, the 1,000 physicians polled are very interested in using mobile devices for a number of clinical tasks.
By Brian Dolan 12:47 pm September 15, 2010
Epic EMRs viewable by patient via iPhone app: Dean Clinic, a Wisconsin-based healthcare provider launched an iPhone application for its patients that enables them to view their own electronic medical record through the care provider's Epic EMR system. The app, called MyChart only works for users of Apple iPhones, iPads or iPod touches. “We see this as a valuable service to our patients,” says D.J...
By Brian Dolan 11:54 am September 15, 2010
Half empty or half full? First of all, if 40-something percent of consumers are willing to pay for mHealth services -- that's a good thing, right? Does anyone really have a problem with only 40 percent of consumers buying their mHealth service?
By Brian Dolan 01:37 am September 14, 2010
As part of a five-year $200 million annual donation, Johnson & Johnson has launched a mobile health initiative similar in aim and execution to Text4Baby for the more than 20 million expectant mothers in China, India, Mexico, Bangladesh, South Africa and Nigeria.
By Brian Dolan 04:56 am September 9, 2010
As if on cue, the Northeast is already feeling a little cooler. That's right, goodbye summer.