By Brian Dolan 08:27 am February 2, 2009
The Medical Records Institute (MRI) announced yesterday the formation of a new non-profit, The mHealth Initiative (mHI), which is open to vendors, groups and individuals focused on the latest information and health application through mobile devices. MRI CEO Peter Waegemann and MRI Vice President Claudia Tessier announced the new initiative on the pre-conference day to the MRI's Towards the...
By Brian Dolan 07:45 am February 1, 2009
Zume Life is a San Jose start-up founded in 2006 that has developed its own dedicated device that allows those with chronic illnesses, their caretakers, or anyone with a complex regimen to keep track of and manage their own care.
By Brian Dolan 07:22 am February 1, 2009
Designate health reform czar Former Senate Leader Tom Daschle's chief-of-staff Mark B. Childress, the second former lobbyist to land at the HHS, announced that he would recuse himself from all decisions related to topics he lobbied on for clients including PanFlu and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
By Brian Dolan 10:57 am January 31, 2009
In case there were any doubters that mHealth is here to stay, one of the flagship mHealth applications in the market today, cardiac telemetry devices--like Cardionet's--have officially been recognized in 2009 with their own billing code. The Cardiology Billing Blog warns billing departments that are not properly implementing the new billing and coding changes could end up losing money from lower...
By Brian Dolan 10:55 am January 31, 2009
Last month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NEC Philips debuted a DECT watch phone intended for use in healthcare and hospitality sectors.