By Brian Dolan 12:45 pm February 10, 2009
With a 61-37 vote, the U.S. Senate passed its $838B version of the economic stimulus bill, which included more than $20 billion for health IT spending.
By Brian Dolan 06:27 am February 10, 2009
A report from Manhattan Research has found that 10 million adults in the U.S. have used their mobile phones to look up health information in the last year. The report, penned by Manhattan Research VP Meredith Abreu Ressi is called "The Future of Mobile Health: Mobile Adoption, mHealth and Mobile Marketing." 
By Brian Dolan 11:18 am February 9, 2009
Here's a quick round-up of mHealth news from other media sources...
By Brian Dolan 09:58 am February 9, 2009
Cellular Specialties, Inc.'s (CSI) President of Custom Solutions Kelley Carr found the mHealth Revolution program at TEPR "fascinating", especially since it means hospitals will need companies like CSI all the more.
By Brian Dolan 08:49 am February 9, 2009
A recent reader comment about SMS security and reliability issues, dovetails nicely with the presentation that Barbara Rapchak, CEO of Leap of Faith Technologies gave last week at the TEPR conference in Palm Springs.
By Brian Dolan 01:35 pm February 6, 2009
At the TEPR conference in Palm Springs this week, Arlene Harris, Chairwoman and co-founder of Greatcall, the parent company of the senior-focused Jitterbug mobile phone service announced her company's plans to offer a number of mHealth related applications and services.
By Brian Dolan 11:33 am February 6, 2009
The founder of TEPR and CEO of the Medical Records Institute, Peter Waegemann, announced that one of the first pilot projects of his newly formed mHealth Initiative (mHI) is to create an "mHealth City" out of Boston, MA. (This is exciting news for mobihealthnews since we, too, are in Boston.)
By Brian Dolan 11:07 am February 6, 2009
During the final presentations at an mHealth Workshop at TEPR this week, Barry Greene, President & CEO, & Med Practice Informatics outlined the return on investment for deploying a simple text message-based communications tool in a hypothetical one doctor practice. Greene showed significant costs saving and revenue boosting opportunities can be leveraged by using text messages...
By Brian Dolan 10:48 am February 6, 2009
As of Tuesday Google Health was finally viewable from the mobile phone--now the company is really getting its mobile act together: The Continua Health Alliance, an industry group promoting compatibility between medical devices and online health systems, has teamed up with IBM to develop a se
By Brian Dolan 08:42 am February 4, 2009
The co-founder and chairman of Jitterbug, the senior-focused mobile phone service, Arlene Harris weighed in on mHealth during a question and answer period here at TEPR. Harris summed up the mHealth opportunity rather succinctly: