By  Brian Dolan 06:08 am February 23, 2009
GigaOM (via BusinessWeek) published a thorough trend piece on wireless medicine this morning that outlines some of the top emerging telemedicine 2.0 companies in the mHealth space today: CardioNet, Triage Wireless and Proteus Biomedical. The companies are favorites in the San Diego wireless medicine scene, which is a veritable hotbed of mHealth activity.
By  Brian Dolan 08:11 am February 20, 2009
As expected, the Medical Records Institute seems to have folded. We heard whisperings of lay-offs at the MRI and now a press release from the mHealth Initiation (mHI) today announces that the MRI's founder and CEO Peter Waegemann is moving from the MRI to the new mHI. "It's time to put our energy into the new and exciting field of cell phones in healthcare. This is where the action is. This is...
By  Brian Dolan 06:40 am February 20, 2009
New York-based Phreesia, which provides a free patient-intake solution for physicians' waiting rooms, raised $11.6 million in venture capital. The company's third round of funding was led by BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, which has a $116 million war chest into which eleven independent BlueCross and BlueShield companies have committed capital.
By  Brian Dolan 05:34 am February 20, 2009
According to various news reports from Washington, President Obama is mulling whether to appoint Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius as secretary of the health and human services (HHS) department.
By  Brian Dolan 10:17 am February 19, 2009
A mobile software company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma told their local news station they stand to gain a "substantial" amount of business because of the more than $19 billion allocated for healthcare I.T. spending in the federal stimulus plan.  The company, called Anyware Mobile Solutions offers its Reform XT mobile-centered solution to any business looking to cut back on workflow and increase...
By  Brian Dolan 11:36 am February 18, 2009
Even though the FDA recently began an open dialog with the wireless medical device community over mHealth regulation, enforcement of federal quality regulations at labs that develop medical devices has been scaled back by the FDA, according to a recent report by the Project on Government Oversight.
By  Brian Dolan 07:19 am February 18, 2009
  Justin Goforth, Whitman-Walker Clinic
By  Brian Dolan 06:56 am February 18, 2009
While the more than $19 billion stimulus funds for healthcare I.T. don't specify it--they will help mHealth, PHR providers and health monitoring devices generate up to $460 million in revenue come 2013, according to a recent report by Parks Associates. The key is to target the disease management (DM) industry.
By  Brian Dolan 06:38 am February 18, 2009
Carnegie Mellon's CyLab MRC hosted a number of wireless health luminaries last week--we already covered the talk by Microsoft--now the CyLab blog has a post covering Qualcomm Vice President for Business Development in Health and Life Sciences Don Jones' presentation, called "Wireless Health Connectivity Co
By  Brian Dolan 11:54 am February 17, 2009
CardioNet, the wireless-enabled cardiac monitoring company, once again reported stellar financials despite the current economic downturn. Quarterly revenue increased nearly 44 percent year-on-year while annual revenue increased 65 percent.