By  Brian Dolan 10:54 am June 16, 2009
Partners Healthcare system in Boston announced plans to spin-off a start-up that "gives patients the tools to be their own doctor" beginning with a wireless blood pressure cuff for at-home and on-the-go monitoring. The start-up is tentatively called "Connected Health" for now. The initial product just finished a pilot with EMC. The cuff allows users to upload their blood pressure information to...
By  Brian Dolan 09:32 am June 16, 2009
During a question and answer period at the Canadian Telecom Summit yesterday, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion's CEO Mike Lazaridis explained his ten year vision for the smartphone, which he described as becoming a "wireless wallet." Lazaridis explained that part o
By  Brian Dolan 06:14 am June 16, 2009
Round-up of mHealth and related stories from the past week:
By  Brian Dolan 12:00 pm June 15, 2009
Last week at the Games for Health Conference here in Boston, conference organizer Ben Sawyer told MassHighTech that eventually mobile fitness tracking applications and video games like EA Sports Active will integrate with electronic medical records. 
By  Brian Dolan 10:49 am June 15, 2009
Medical device connectivity and workflow automation consultant, Tim Gee, also known as the Connectologist, started a helpful discussion on LinkedIn about Apple's recently disclosed developer agreement and its moves to avoid FDA regulation.
By  Brian Dolan 09:00 am June 15, 2009
The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed Dr. David Blumenthal, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, about the push for electronic health records in every doctor's office and whether the current agenda pushes older technologies that will stifle innovation.
By  Brian Dolan 11:21 am June 11, 2009
Proteus Biomedical CEO Andrew Thompson describes his company as a pioneer of intelligent medicine -- Proteus embeds computers and sensors inside drugs and devices to monitor in real-time when a patient takes a drug and how they respond to it.
By  Brian Dolan 02:03 pm June 10, 2009
At the Consumer Genetics Show in Boston today, genome sequencing company Illumina's President and CEO Jay Flatley announced that Illumina had partnered with four major direct-to-consumer genomics companies and demonstrated a very rough concept for a mobile application that leveraged a consumer's genomic profile. 
By  Brian Dolan 02:00 pm June 10, 2009
At the Consumer Genetics Show in Boston, MA, today Illumina President and CEO Jay Flatley reveals an iPhone with a conceptualized application called MyGenome. Flatley said a developer at Illumina put the application together in just 10 days.
By  Brian Dolan 08:04 am June 10, 2009
As we reported earlier this week, Continua Health Alliance selected the upcoming Bluetooth Low Energy technology for its second version of guidelines for medical device interoperability.