By  Brian Dolan 05:55 pm June 9, 2009
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has indicated in the past that under certain circumstances the iPhone may be considered a medical device and therefore regulated as one, however, as of February the FDA still hadn't figured out exactly which circumstances those might be.
By  Brian Dolan 01:44 pm June 9, 2009
What's old is new again? Continua Health Alliance certified Nonin's Bluetooth-enabled fingertip pulse oximeter as the first, interoperable wireless health device. Nonin's USB-enabled pulse oximeter was the very first (and only other) Continua-certified device. 
By  Brian Dolan 07:21 am June 9, 2009
Last week we wrote about the growing popularity of smartphones among doctors and their growing use at hospitals. We wondered what it would take for smartphones to displace legacy pagers. After posting our article with the question: "What's it going to take for smartphones to replace pagers in hospitals?" we received a number of comments. We reprinted a few of them below with the authors'...
By  Brian Dolan 06:17 am June 9, 2009
By Jim Lefevere "Pioneers get the arrows," as the saying goes. I much prefer: "Pioneers get arrows in their back." Being early in a market is great -- if the market is ready for you.
By  Brian Dolan 12:12 pm June 8, 2009
Doctors "know instinctively that the human side of medicine -- the attentive listening, the visual cues, the continued eye contact, and the careful history and physical exam -- is critical..." Dr. Val Jones, CEO of Better Health, wrote in a commentary piece last week. "The problem we have with EMRs is that they often interrupt the sensitive and intuitive parts of what we do.
By  Brian Dolan 06:40 am June 8, 2009
In what looks to be a coup for the ZigBee Alliance, the Continua Health Alliance has picked Bluetooth Low Energy and ZigBee for inclusion in its next set of guidelines for interoperability between health devices and systems.
By  Brian Dolan 04:46 am June 8, 2009
Despite its long history in the medical industry, Palm has launched its latest device with no medical applications.
By  Brian Dolan 03:11 pm June 5, 2009
The FDA announced today that wireless remote monitoring system HealthPAL, which MedApss developed, has received 510(k) clearance, according to an email from the company.
By  Brian Dolan 11:07 am June 5, 2009
We have heard the West Wireless Health Institute's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eric Topol referred to as a "poster child" for wireless health and he's also an easy contender for most influential thought leader in the emerging industry, but last month when we heard he'd be appearing in GQ magazine, it was the first time we heard him referred to as a "rock star."
By  Brian Dolan 09:23 am June 5, 2009
Ten percent of Americans believe text messaging is the best way for them to communicate with health insurers, according to the Microsoft Health Engagement Survey 2009, which Kelton Research conducted. The survey concluded that consumers want coaching via email and phones from their healthcare providers to help them improve their own health.