By  Brian Dolan 11:26 am May 20, 2009
The results of a recent survey conducted by HIMSS Analytics and sponsored by NetMotion Wireless identified five challenges for wireless healthcare: physical connectivity issues, technology connectivity issues, extensive user demand, security, and network management.
By  Brian Dolan 10:56 am May 20, 2009
For every iPhone skeptic I've met in the health industry (these are the types that like to stake the fate of wireless health on the "not everyone has an iPhone" argument), I've met at least two execs at big companies that pinpoint the launch of the 3G iPhone last year as the tipping point for their company's decision to explore wireless health.
By  Brian Dolan 11:55 am May 19, 2009
After attending the American Telemedicine Association's event in Las Vegas last month, Google's Open Source Program Manager Chris DiBona gave a spirited (read: some profanity) talk at the Ignite Seattle event the following week. DiBona is also known as a former editor at popular news site Slashdot. Interesting but snippy comment about the level of innovation at the event: "It's like 1994 for a...
By  Brian Dolan 10:24 am May 19, 2009
Diabetes Mine just announced the winner of its 2009 Diabetes Design competition: the LifeCase and LifeApp solution for the iPhone. Two students designed the iPhone case and accompanying application that takes connected diabetes management beyond "a single logging, data calculation or learning application," which Diabetes Mine said characterized most other iPhone-based entries.
By  Brian Dolan 07:24 am May 19, 2009
As we reported a few weeks ago, a financial analyst issued a report that claimed Highmark CMS was planning to reduce the reimbursement rate for CardioNet's wireless cardiac monitoring service and the report ended up dominating the wireless health company's most quarterly
By  Brian Dolan 04:48 am May 19, 2009
As the number of physicians using smartphones continues to rise, a report in the Washington Post predicts that protocols will soon evolve in how to use the phones with patients -- for now, common sense will have to govern it.
By  Brian Dolan 12:38 pm May 18, 2009
Frontline:SMS founder Josh Nesbit emailed in to let us know he launched an inspired mHealth intiative today: HopePhones. The program encourages everyone to recycle their old mobile phones, which are then sold to raise money to send phones to health workers in developing markets likes Malawi.
By  Brian Dolan 11:00 am May 18, 2009
During the first day of the Wireless Life-Sciences Alliance meeting, called the Convergence Summit, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs defined convergence as the overlapping of computer devices, consumer electronic devices and wireless technology, according to Tim Gee's Medical Connectivity blog.
By  Brian Dolan 06:27 am May 18, 2009
Last week the mobihealthnews team attended part of the Wireless Life-Sciences Alliance meeting out in La Jolla, California.