By  Brian Dolan 07:46 am March 10, 2009
InfoLogix and Chesterfield, Missouri-based Sisters of Mercy Health System have inked a deal to deploy wireless multi-site medical communications throughout the seven state area hospitals, physician practices and outpatient clinics.
By  Brian Dolan 06:09 am March 10, 2009
By  Brian Dolan 05:18 am March 10, 2009
John Walls, Vice President of Public Affairs for CTIA, a leading wireless industry association, recently interviewed the Center for Disease Control's  Dr. Jay M. Bernhardt, who serves as the CDC's Director of the National Center for Health Marketing.
By  Brian Dolan 11:00 am March 9, 2009
The eHealth Initiative (not to be confused with Boston-based mHealth Initiative) CEO Janet Marchiboda has stepped down to take a job at IBM as their Chief Healthcare Officer.
By  Brian Dolan 10:07 am March 9, 2009
Dr. Matthew Decaro's free iPhone app for doctors proves that there are any number of small inefficiencies in a typical doctor's day that could be improved by simple mobile applications. Decaro's app, called ABG, analyzes blood gas levels in a matter of seconds, saving doctors a few minutes per calculation.
By  Brian Dolan 06:56 am March 9, 2009
Despite technology's promise and anecdotal evidence pointing to its potential, mHealth has not seen many rigorous evaluations that have measured its ability to affect clinical outcomes. Process outcomes are clear: mHealth can save time and money, increase the number of reported health events, increase the number of patients enrolled and so forth. But can mHealth help save lives, too by reducing...
By  Brian Dolan 04:56 am March 9, 2009
By Karen Katz, Esq. Director of Business Development, Health, Medtech and e-Health at Mintz Levin
By  Brian Dolan 12:50 pm March 7, 2009
According to a new study from Turkish researchers, doctors and nurses' mobile phones could act as a reservoir for tough-to-kill "superbug" bacteria like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).
By  Brian Dolan 06:46 am March 6, 2009
Who remembers the Diagnosaurus? Did anybody use it on an old PDA when it first came out in 2003? Unbound Medicine has uploaded its differential diagnoses lookup tool to Apple's iPhone AppStore. It's an old classic from the Palm Pilot PDA days: The Diagnosaurus DDx.
By  Brian Dolan 05:57 am March 6, 2009
Few would disagree that in the coming years biometric sensors and biosensors combined with body area networks will create a host of new applications and services that will lead to more effective remote monitoring. Those sensors aren't for everyone, however. Premature infants, for example, have very sensitive, fragile skin, which makes attaching sensors a painful experience.