By Mallory Hackett 11:28 am September 17, 2020
Initially, Amwell planned to sell 35 million shares between $14 and $16 with up to 5.2 million additional shares for underwriters. 
By Dave Muoio 10:07 am September 17, 2020
A new analysis of published RCTs did see significant benefits among short-term and single-focus app interventions, but noted that "relatively few high-quality studies have been conducted" in this area.
By Dean Koh 03:17 am September 17, 2020
The LumiHealth app is available in the App Store for pre-order now, and the two-year program will be offered from late October 2020.
By Dave Muoio 03:35 pm September 16, 2020
Activist short seller Citron Research called the Israeli digital X-ray company out on its limited R&D expenditure, suspicious distribution agreements and other factors. Nanox has described the report as incorrect and misleading.
By Laura Lovett 02:45 pm September 16, 2020
Notable's voice-powered assistant was developed to help curb the time doctors spend on charting. 
By Jonah Comstock 02:20 pm September 16, 2020
The offering, consisting of original workout content tightly integrated with Apple Watch features, was announced at a virtual event yesterday.
By 12:59 pm September 16, 2020
The 900-participant study uses learnings from Apple's Tueo Health acquisition and could inform the development of a digital biomarker for asthma.
By Mallory Hackett 11:59 am September 16, 2020
The watch measures oxygen and energy levels, tracks menstrual cycles, and gives insights into running, biking and swimming workouts.
By Dean Koh 12:03 am September 16, 2020
Starting in Taiwan, this partnership aims to on-board clinics and hospitals nationwide over the next three years.  
By Dave Muoio 03:15 pm September 15, 2020
In a recent survey, 67% of consumers and 91% of IT professionals said they'd support a nationwide rollout of contact-tracing apps or other technologies.