DrDoctor, COVID-19 vaccine

Credit: DrDoctor

By  Sara Mageit 09:45 am November 27, 2020
The Quick Book solution will allow NHS trusts to prepare one month’s worth of vaccination appointments.
By  Dean Koh 10:22 pm November 25, 2020
The initial launch will reach 1,100 households of DAIKYO ASTAGE managed apartments in Kawasaki City.
Coronavirus vaccine
By  Laura Lovett 01:55 pm November 25, 2020
Mark Treshock, blockchain solutions leader for healthcare and life sciences at IBM discusses how the technology can be used to validate vaccine supply chain and personal records. 
With these funds, Well Health has now raised $75 million since its founding in 2015.
By  Mallory Hackett 11:50 am November 25, 2020
With these funds, Well Health has now raised $75 million since its founding in 2015. 
COVID-19, Unilabs UAE, Dubai Health Authority
By  Rachel McArthur 09:54 am November 25, 2020
Following peer-reviewed published research, the emirate of Dubai has introduced a more convenient test to detect the coronavirus in children.
Flow app, mental health, therapy app

Credit: Flow

By  Sara Mageit 05:17 am November 25, 2020
Research shows the rate of lockdown loneliness and its impact on mental health is as high as 27% in the UK.
By  Gwendolyn Lee & Dan Gebremedhin, MD 04:41 pm November 24, 2020
An intro to Medicare, and how digital health companies can impact the nation’s biggest payer.
An old-time radio and circular microphone
By  MobiHealthNews 03:44 pm November 24, 2020
Host Laura Lovett checks in with investor Maria Velissaris and CEO Colette Courtion about the growing women's health space.
Smartphone screens displaying the MyTherapy app
By  Laura Lovett 02:56 pm November 24, 2020
The tool was designed to help patients and caregivers manage the condition and treatment. 
Person observes Fitbit watch on wrist
By  Mallory Hackett 11:56 am November 24, 2020
The researchers used data from more than 8 million Fitbit users over the course of a randomly selected 24-hour period.