Credit: Swoop Aero

By Dean Koh June 23, 2020
The startup says it aims to provide one hundred million people with better access to healthcare by 2025.
By Jonah Comstock June 22, 2020
New mobility metrics could help clinicians to treat patients with conditions that affect their movement, while Noise app updates will help protect users' hearing.
By Laura Lovett June 22, 2020
Some of Dexcom’s G6 applicators were getting stuck to the wearable CGM, but the company said it has worked to remedy this issue.
By Jonah Comstock June 22, 2020
New workout modules and automatic handwashing detection were rolled out at Apple's annual developer conference, but no update was offered on contact-tracing efforts.
By Dave Muoio June 22, 2020
Higher session numbers among the top 15 mental wellness apps were in line with steady monthly increases over the past three years.
By Mallory Hackett June 22, 2020
Nearly 90% of people managing chronic conditions in the U.S. surveyed for Sony’s mSafety Wearable Platform Division said they could better manage their conditions with remote monitoring. The study was published in time for the American Telemedicine Association's virtual conference today. It looked at the rate of adoption and interest in remote health-monitoring technology targeted at people...
By Dave Muoio June 22, 2020
Also: Optum Ventures leads unspecified investment into DocASAP; Wellsheet to build up engineering and go-to-market teams with $3.8 million Series A.
By Dean Koh June 22, 2020
For the next three years, Holmusk will work with Singapore’s HPB to offer a phone coaching program to children and youths who are severely overweight and/or have abnormal health screening results.
By HIMSS Media June 19, 2020
HIMSS Media sits down with another VR researcher to discuss virtual medicine and VR's multidisciplinary potential for care.
By Laura Lovett June 19, 2020
The executives also share details about what patients can expect from the G7 next year.