By Dean Koh June 22, 2020
For the next three years, Holmusk will work with Singapore’s HPB to offer a phone coaching program to children and youths who are severely overweight and/or have abnormal health screening results.
By HIMSS Media June 19, 2020
HIMSS Media sits down with another VR researcher to discuss virtual medicine and VR's multidisciplinary potential for care.
By Laura Lovett June 19, 2020
The executives also share details about what patients can expect from the G7 next year. 
By Ahmed El Sherif June 19, 2020
In a new investigation by Amnesty International, the two Gulf states and Norway have released apps that reportedly operate as mass surveillance tools.

Credit: Getty Images

By Piers Ford June 19, 2020
Demand for tech solutions has soared in Finland during the pandemic as healthcare providers seek new ways to diagnose and treat patients, and source properly tested PPE.
By Sara Mageit June 19, 2020
Also, wins UK grant to develop AI-powered question answering platform for healthcare professionals during COVID-19.
By MobiHealthNews June 18, 2020
Also: RapidAI launches analytics platform; emerged out of stealth last week and revealed a new diabetes study. 
By Mallory Hackett June 18, 2020
AARP Innovation Labs announced the winners of its Hacking Menopause Challenge, which aimed to create noninvasive tools to combat common menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, fatigue and sleep disorders. EloCare won the top prize of $5,000 for the best two-system solution. Pride Chill and NYX Systems each collected $4,000 for the best one-system solution and the best retail-directed one-system...
By Dave Muoio June 18, 2020
Unite Us will also gain access to Staple Health's 270 million-person database, as well as to its prior business partners.
By Laura Lovett June 18, 2020
This news comes a little over a month after the UK said it would opt for a centralized contact-tracing model in lieu of Apple-Google's decentralized one.