Buddy Healthcare, BuddyCare

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By  Sara Mageit 09:47 am March 30, 2021
The company's platform simplifies communication between patients and hospitals.

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By  Mélisande Rouger 12:51 am March 30, 2021
Companies will shed light on immunotherapy, an emerging therapeutic approach that helps the immune system fight cancer, in a brand-new study on one of the most impacting cancers worldwide. 
Amazon Headquarters

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By  Laura Lovett 03:19 pm March 29, 2021
According to FDA documents, the test is intended to help stop the spread of COVID-19 among Amazon employees. 
A child using a pre-commercial version of Akili's product.

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By  Dave Muoio 03:07 pm March 29, 2021
The digital therapeutic for children's ADHD symptoms received a De Novo clearance last summer.
Cityblock Vaccination site

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By  Laura Lovett 02:09 pm March 29, 2021
The company recently worked with partners on launching a COVID-19 vaccination clinic. 
A collection of one-dollar bills

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By  Dave Muoio 12:28 pm March 29, 2021
The San Clemente, California-based company is aiming to expand its payer- and employer-focused care platform with the funds.
Motosumo, indoor fitness

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By  Sara Mageit 08:09 am March 29, 2021
The Danish fit-tech company offers live indoor cycling classes from any bike.
breast cancer detection

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By  Tammy Lovell 06:13 am March 29, 2021
The system uses heatmaps to make AI decisions transparent to clinicians.
digital innovation, Novartis

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By  Sara Mageit 05:57 am March 29, 2021
The initiative will support the NHS in its recovery as it navigates the COVID-19 pandemic.
Two workers at a desk

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By  Laura Lovett 02:04 pm March 26, 2021
Women-led startups only represent 14% of digital health deals closed in 2019, according to Rock Health.