By Mallory Hackett 12:13 pm October 5, 2020
Researchers from Kantar Health suggest that as telehealth services continue to be used, inequalities in access and usage should be monitored to find ways to close healthcare gaps.
By Laura Lovett 12:07 pm October 5, 2020
The funding was invested by fellow health company Reckitt Benckiser. 
By MobiHealthNews 02:41 pm October 2, 2020
MobiHealthNews covered a record-breaking 109 funding deals during the past three months – a clear step up from Q3 2019 and the swelling numbers of H1 2020.

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By Sara Mageit 03:46 am October 2, 2020
The UK hospital has initiated its first robotics programme, which will include cancer resection.
By Tammy Lovell 01:57 am October 2, 2020
The EU-backed community of health innovators is funding several projects to promote healthy ageing in Europe.
By Laura Lovett 02:52 pm October 1, 2020
CEO Michelle Davey discusses the company's relationship with investors and advice to new startups. 
By Dave Muoio 02:39 pm October 1, 2020
The newly announced deal is expected to close in Q4 2020, and values the direct-to-consumer telehealth company's combined entity at $1.6 billion.
By Dave Muoio and Laura Lovett 01:20 pm October 1, 2020
Also European virtual care company HomeDoctor scores $4.3M and sexual health company Emjoy closes seed funding round. 
By Mallory Hackett 12:16 pm October 1, 2020
Valo Health’s Opal Computational Platform uses machine learning, cloud computing and real-world data to assist in the drug discovery and development process.
Sophia Genetics, artificial intelligence, funding, Swisscom Ventures

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By Tammy Lovell 08:39 am October 1, 2020
The funds will support global expansion to meet growing clinical and biopharma demand for data-driven medicine.