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MINNEAPOLIS -- New technologies are emerging daily to help people plan, monitor, and enhance their health and fitness activities. Yet finding the ways and the time to stay fit and motivated can seem more complicated than ever before. Starting today, Best Buy customers in select markets from Washington, DC to Denver can turn to the nation’s largest consumer electronics retailer for help in satisfying their health and fitness equipment and management needs.

GSMA's vision for European wireless health

The 3G Doctor reports that the GSM Association has published its Mobile Manifesto for Europe, which explains the association's vision for the European mobile industry. Part of the manifesto includes a promise to “put in place a long term strategy for mobile use in healthcare” and to “provide confidence around investment for national health authorities,” according to the 3G Doctor blog. Here's the relevant text from the manifesto:

Doctors' phones to record coughs and diagnose?

Health workers know the difference between a wet cough and a dry cough; between a productive or non-productive; and between a voluntary and involuntary cough. If one Bedford, MA-based start-up, STAR Analytical Services succeeds, soon health workers will be able to use their smartphones to diagnose patients by recording and automatically analyzing their coughs instead.

Continua pushed for RPM in healthcare reform bill

Continua Health AllianceThe engineering publication EDN did some digging into lobbying efforts by the Continua Health Alliance and how the group's executive director and his team convinced lawmakers to include remote monitoring in the healthcare bill, which recently passed the House of Representatives and has moved to the Senate.

Analyst: Compensate hospitals for lost revenues

Should hospitals who use telemedicine technologies be compensated for revenues lost because of reduced admissions and ED visits? That's the proposition set forth in a column over at iHealthBeat by Protima Advani, Practice Manager for the IT Insights program at the Advisory Board Company:

"Needless to say, more than just federal grants are needed to drive growth in telemedicine programs. Changes in reimbursement and legal policies will greatly determine whether telemedicine programs flourish.

White House: Wireless health is "really promising"

"We're in the adolescence of the mobile and wireless revolution," White House Deputy Director for Policy in the Office of Science and Technology Tom Kalil declared during a presentation at the Mobile Future luncheon in Washington D.C. this week. Kalil explained that wireless technology could help improve (and in some cases has already improved) the U.S. education system, the U.S. healthcare system and the country's push for a carbon-neutral energy system.