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By Mike Miliard November 12, 2019
While face-to-face visits are still preferred by many, 90% of healthcare organizations polled by HIMSS Media say they're using or piloting remote care services to boost care coordination, manage at-risk patients and broaden pop health efforts.
Doctor examining child.
By Jeff Lagasse November 8, 2019
There's a potentially large impact school-based telehealth programs can have on children with chronic illnesses.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly checks out the Microsoft HoloLens aboard a space station on February 20, 2016. The device is part of NASA's project Sidekick, which is exploring the use of augmented reality to reduce crew training requirements and increase the efficiency with which astronauts can work in space. (Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

By Laura Lovett November 8, 2019
Spending three years in an enclosed spacecraft with less than a handful of companions is a daunting task — not just physically but psychologically. However, that will be the reality for the crew going to Mars, a trip which is slated for some time in the next two decades.   “These people who travel with a small crew and small habitable body [face] psychological stress of that confinement and...
By Laura Lovett November 8, 2019
Astronauts face a myriad of health challenges in space, including exposure to radiation, risk of bone deterioration, vestibular issues and various other concerns.  Space health researchers are continuously looking for ways to prevent and treat medical problems before they arise. Enter precision medicine: an increasingly popular strategy that consider specific variations in a patient’s genetic...

Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital Rural Health Clinic.

By Bill Siwicki November 7, 2019
By Dave Muoio November 6, 2019
Due to their increasingly personalized and convenient experiences with other sectors, consumers have high expectations when it comes to the services they’re receiving from the healthcare industry, according to a new global survey from Salesforce Research of nearly 6,000 consumers. Unfortunately, nearly half (47%) of those polled believe that the healthcare and life sciences are less focused on...

Loren Elliott/Getty Images

By Laura Lovett November 5, 2019
Scientists and innovators are no stranger to technology failures — often in the pursuit of bettering systems or advancing science. However, a mission to Mars, where the stakes are high and distance from Earth is extreme, is not the right place for experimenting with health tech, according to speakers at the Space Health Innovation Conference in San Francisco on Saturday.  “You are never going to...
Woman with laptop
By Mike Miliard November 5, 2019
Kyruus' new Patient Access Journey Report, which polled patients about their healthcare preferences, finds an appetite for a streamlined, digitally mature scheduling experience.
Boy pushing senior in wheelchair
By Max Sullivan November 5, 2019
While 88% of patients said they were satisfied with their care, only half said their doctors and other providers did a "good" or "excellent" job.

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