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This report includes an analysis of 18 months worth of data culled from Apple's AppStore. Based on growth trends, by August 2012 there will be more than 13,000 iPhone health apps available for consumers. MobiHealthNews' Consumer Health Apps For Apple's iPhone report is an exclusive look at the types of health apps currently available in the AppStore.

How quickly are each of these subcategories of apps growing? What is the average pricepoint of each? How has the world of health and medical apps changed over the past 18 months? Which types of apps have seen the most growth? The least? Where is there the most competition? Which types of apps does the AppStore have too many of? According to Apple's ranking system of Top 1000 apps in its Health category and the Top 1000 apps in its Medical category – which apps have proven to be most successful to date?

MobiHealthNews breaks down the consumer market for iPhone health apps into dozens of subcategories, which we have been tracking for close to two years. Purchase your copy of Consumer Health Apps for Apple's iPhone today!CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

Publish date: September 22, 2011

Page count: 54

Table of Contents:
6. Cardio Fitness Apps
1. Introduction
10. Diet Apps
14. Stress Apps
18. Women's Health Apps
22. Strength Training Apps
26. Calculator Apps
30. Mental Health Apps
34. Chronic Condition Apps
38. Sleep Apps
42. Emergency Care Apps
46. Smoking Cessation Apps
50. Medication Adherence Apps
54. Conclusion


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