Funding and Founder for Patient-facing Digital Health Companies


Funding and Founders for Patient-facing Digital Health Companies ($199)

103 FDA Regulated Mobile Medical Apps 2013

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For this MobiHealthNews analysis of Funding and Founder Data for Patient-facing Digital Health Companies, we tracked publicly disclosed funding data for 270 digital health companies with patient-facing products. Our team took an inclusive approach to which companies were considered "patient-facing" – even if patients or consumers weren’t the company’s core customer group, they often made it into our analysis. Patient engagement might be another lens through which to understand our inclusion criteria. While some companies create medical devices that certainly come into contact with patients or are even worn by them, we didn’t include these companies if they didn’t actively make that data available to the patient.

Those 270 companies had a total aggregate number of 422 founders and co-founders, whom MobiHealthNews collected data about from official bios and other sources. The demographic data we consider in this report includes gender, educational degrees, school state, previous employers and more. This report includes our topline findings.

Be sure to get your copy of this MobiHealthNews report which includes topline findings and aggregate data from funding for privately-held, patient-facing digital health companies and much, much more.

Please note: This report does not include the raw funding data.

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