iPad vs. the Tablets in Healthcare ROUND THREE


iPad vs. the Tablets in Healthcare ROUND THREE

iPad vs. the Tablets in Healthcare III

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The era of tablet-equipped physicians is upon us, as we explain in our newest report, iPad vs. The Tablets in Healthcare -- Round Three.

Since 2010 Apple's iPad has helped make the tablet form factor a dominant device in clinical settings, especially among physicians. The recent addition of the iPad mini, which fits into a standard lab coat pocket, has helped boost adoption further.

As the iPad rose to dominance in the past few years, an increasing number of other device makers has stepped up in various attempts to slow its roll. Many believe that the iPad in healthcare era may have peaked and hospital CIOs and IT departments may be more successful in convincing physicians to switch to more manageable devices in the coming year.

BlackBerry's CEO recently said he doesn't see a future for tablets, but many others -- including Microsoft -- are making big plays with healthcare as one area of focus. Meanwhile, dedicated, healthcare-customized tablet makers are gearing up to make their case with an argument that stresses "total cost of ownership" and the additional features that healthcare providers specifically want.

How long can the iPad's reign last? How are healthcare providers using their tablets in their practices today? Which are the top tablets healthcare providers should be considering when deciding a deployment? Which tablets might physicians be bringing into IT departments in the coming months?

This 37-page report answers these questions and more with a full round-up of healthcare provider survey data that published over the course of the past two years along with numerous examples of specific use cases for tablets in healthcare today.

This report is a must-read for anyone enabling, studying, or grappling with the growing trend of tablets in healthcare.


Page count: 37

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction: Tablets now a fixture in healthcare
II. Healthcare and tablets by the numbers
III. Apple's iPad still on top, but others loom
IV. How healthcare providers use tablets
V. Data security strategies and the virtualized desktop on tablets
VI. Round-up: Consumer tablets, healthcare tablets
VII. Conclusion: The integrated healthcare tablet of the future

Appendix A: Tablets' feature comparison chart
Appendix B: A short history of tablets


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