CoverImage_230State of the Industry: Mobile Health Q1 2010

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Looking to catch up on the most important recent developments in mobile health? Then this MobiHealthNews State of the Industry report is a must-read. In 40+ pages, we have pulled together the most important events in mHealth that occurred between January and March 2010, including more than 50 deals, top-line results from a half dozen research reports, a handful of venture capital investments, and much, much more. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

So, was it an important quarter for mobile health?

When the number of deals tracked for a given industry during one quarter comes close to the total number for the previous year, it’s clear that industry is ramping up. Mobile health is that industry. In our 2009 year-end report, MobiHealthNews chronicled just over 70 deals and partnerships that took place between industry partners. In this MobiHealthNews Q1 2010 report, we track more than 50 deals that took place during the three-month period. While the number of (announced) venture capital investments was low (just a handful), overall activity in the space is up and up.

The US government in particular has been busy these past three months. Care providers, wireless operators, payers, pharma companies and consumer health companies each had a busy quarter. The Consumer Electronics Show, Mobile World Congress, HIMSS and CTIA events each produced a number of important discussions and developments for the budding mobile health industry. What’s clear from this Q1 2010 round-up: The mobile health industry is now firing on all cylinders.

This MobiHealthNews quarterly report is the first of four planned reports that will cover each three-month period of 2010.

Table of Contents:
1. The Q1 2010 Review: Start your engines.
3. Mobile health by the numbers
8. Private insurers step up to the plate
10. Care providers spin out startups, partner for pilots
18. Mobile operators' varied mHealth strategies
21. Government regulations, reforms, device approvals and app rejections
26. Pharma supports care deliver innovations
28. Consumer health breaks out
33. Venture capital investors: Bring down the cost curve
35. More than three times as many deals year-over-year
40. The first quarter kept the ball rolling.