Published: April 14, 2011

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The first three months of 2011 brought increased funding, more FDA cleared devices, additional partnerships and unprecedented attention to mobile health. Yes, even the President of the United States mentioned it during his State Of the Union Address. One vendor announced it was working with astronauts to send its mobile health device to space! More importantly healthcare providers, mobile operators, health plans and others continued to band together to create mobile-enabled health services while regulators began to wipe away some of the cloudiness that still surrounds their clearance guidelines.

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I. Introduction - 3
II. Industry Metrics - 4
III. Care Providers - 7
IV. Payors - 11
V. Mobile Operators - 12
VI. Pharma - 15
VII. Regulation - 17
VIII. Q1 2011 Deals in Mobile Health - 20
IX. Q1 2011 Venture Capital Investment - 24
X. Conclusion - 25