CoverImage_230State of the Industry: Mobile Health Q2 2010

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Need to catch up on mobile health developments in the second quarter? Then this MobiHealthNews State of the Industry report is a must-read. In 30+ pages, we have pulled together the most important events in mHealth that occurred between April and June 2010, including more than 40 deals, top-line results from a number of research reports, a half dozen of venture capital investments, and much, much more. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

So, was it an important quarter for mobile health?

The launch of the first app store approved Bluetooth-enabled medical device app. A big partnership for Verizon Wireless. The dissolution of one of the earliest and cash-flush partnerships in mobile health. A good number of deals and twice as many venture capital investment announcements than in Q1. Unsurprisingly, the US government in particular has been busy these past three months, but care providers, wireless operators, payers, pharma companies and consumer health companies each had a slower quarter than Q1. Payers in particular have been all but absent. The mobile health industry may be up... but it's not running yet.

This MobiHealthNews quarterly report is the second of four planned reports that will cover each three-month period of 2010.

Table of Contents:

The Second Quarter's Watershed Moments
Wireless Health by the Numbers
Payers are Piloting Not Paying
Care Providers Continue to Pilot, Limited Launches
Wireless Carriers Look to Health for Growth
Pharmacies and Pharmaceuticals make mobile health moves
Consumer Health Looks for Shelf Space, Ecosystem
Announced Venture Capital Deal Investments Increase, but Still Few
AllOne, Diversinet and HP, Palm deals and more
Conclusion: At Least Interest in Mobile Health is on the Rise