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Following the breakout year that mobile health had in 2010, the industry built on that momentum in 2011. Regulatory guidances, unexpected acquisitions, half a billion in investments, much-needed talent grabs, and more. This report covers the year that was.

Health plans began to step up and launch mobile tools for members developed in-house or through acquisitions. Healthcare providers adopted tablet devices in droves and brought them into work. Mobile operators added C-suite healthcare expertise, Silicon Valley discovered healthcare and wellness, and regulators started speaking their minds -- finally. Pharma companies were still relatively quiet, but a few new collaborations pointed to a busy year ahead. These trends and many more made 2011 this industry's most newsworthy yet -- and MobiHealthNews was there to cover it all, each and everyday.

If you need to catch up on mobile health developments during the fourth quarter — look no further. We have pulled together the most important events in mHealth that occurred between October and December 2011, plus a roundup of ALL of the venture capital investments (more than $500 million worth!), deals, partnerships and collaborations (about 100!) that were announced throughout the entire year.CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

Publish date: January 23, 2012

Page count: 43

Table of Contents:
3. Introduction
9. Industry Metrics
12. Payors
14. Providers
18. Mobile Operators
20. Pharma
22. Regulation
24. 2011 Deals Tables
34. 2011 Venture Capital Investments