State of the Industry: Q1 2013

State of the Industry: Q4 2012/Year-End

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This report not only includes a round-up of the mobile health startups that received investments during the first three months of the year, but also a collection of all the deals and partnerships MobiHealthNews reported on during those months. Our newest quarterly report kicks off with a discussion of the most important trends that emerged in the first quarter and includes a comprehensive discussion of the dozens of new top-line digital health metrics publicly released by data research companies.

The Q1 report also includes discussions of the most important mobile health news and announcements from health plans, healthcare providers, pharma companies, mobile operators, government agencies, and — for the first time — healthcare accelerators and incubators. While the healthcare accelerator trend ramped up throughout 2012, it became clear by the end of March 2013 that the group deserved its own chapter in our quarterly reports.

Another new — and long requested — addition to our Q1 2013 report are linkbacks. Our aim was to include a source link for each and every MobiHealthNews story that we referenced in the report, which makes the document even more of a compass for those looking to revisit mobile health news in the first three months of 2013.


Page count: 31

Table of Contents:

I. Q1 Top Digital Health Trends
II. Q1 Digital Health Metrics
III. Q1 Provider News
IV. Q1 Payor News
V. Q1 Pharma and Retail Pharma News
VI. Q1 Mobile Operator News
VII. Q1 Regulation & Government News
VIII. Q1 Health Accelerator News
IX. Q1 2013 Deals Round-Up
X. Q1 2013 Investments Round-Up