State of the Industry: Q3 2012


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There was something unusual about the summer of 2012. Unlike previous years the flow of news during the third quarter actually picked up. Trends sharpened. Investors announced fundings. Deals were forged. If you are looking to catch up on the most important announcements, commentaries, and mobile health product launches from the third quarter of 2012, then you need to read the MobiHealthNews 2012 Q3 State of the Industry Report. We have pulled together the most important events in mobile health that occurred between July and September 2012 along with a roundup of the regulatory clearances, venture capital investments and the deals, partnerships and collaborations that were announced during the third quarter of the year. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

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Chapter List:

> Introduction

> Industry Metrics

> Payors

> Healthcare Providers

> Mobile Operators

> Pharma

> Regulatory Clearances

> Q1 2012 Deals

> Q1 2012 Venture Capital Investments