The Coming Medical Tablet War: iPad, Android, BlackBerry, HP and others vie to dominate in healthcare


Published: March 8, 2011

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In 2010 the iPad convinced many physicians and hospital CIOs that it is the best suited tablet device for healthcare settings. In 2011 a number of other tablet makers have more than a fighting chance to unseat it.

This 42 page report, "The Coming Medical Tablet War: iPad, Android, BlackBerry, HP and Others Vie to Dominate in Healthcare," chronicles the advent and adoption of tablets in healthcare and explores the past, present and future of medical tablets. In these pages are deep dive profiles of the major tablets launching in 2011 and in-depth use case section for tablet deployments in healthcare. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

What does the iPad 2 offer for healthcare? Where do Android tablets excel? Is BlackBerry's PlayBook tablet likely to attract physicians? How are healthcare practitioners using the iPad 1 today? What types of medical iPad apps are in the market? How quickly has the number of medical iPad apps grown since the device launched? What did the market for healthcare tablets look like to industry watchers pre-iPad? Are consumer-grade devices secure enough for healthcare environments?

This report addresses these questions and raises many others as it explores the tablet's place in the healthcare industry. Buy The Coming Medical Tablet War today to get up to speed on the tablet's healthcare opportunity. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!


I. Introduction: The Year of the Tablet - 4
II. A Brief History of the Tablet PC - 6
III. Looking Toward the Tablet of the Future - 17
IV. Use Cases - 27
V. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tablet - 34
VI. Conclusion - 38
VII. Apps Appendix - 39
VIII. Tablet Comparison Table - 40


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