advanced remote patient monitoring

Basic heart monitoring on mobile devices is developing into better telemonitoring programs for LVAD patients.

By Anna Engberg 02:59 pm October 2, 2018
Heart failure is a major public health problem. For terminal heart failure the treatment of choice used to be heart transplantation during the last three decades. But this is changing, largely due to a decreasing supply of donor organs: “The alternative therapy nowadays is the implantation of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD),” states Prof Dr Nils Reiss, Head of Clinical Research at...
By HIMSS TV 03:15 pm July 9, 2018
Matt Menning, data products director at the American Medical Association, speaks about an initiative at the industry group to create a framework for physicians to capture and organize data from remote monitoring devices to drive outcomes.
By Aditi Pai 07:46 am July 16, 2015
Sotera Wireless's ViSi Mobile monitor. The global advanced patient monitoring market is currently worth about $31.4 billion, according to a report from Kalorama Information. Kalorama added that the patient monitoring market has benefited from the demand in major healthcare facilities and home treatment markets to move to a wireless system. Advanced patient monitoring offerings, according to...